Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Stevie Boebi, a “lesbian sex educator,” cut short an interview by the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson recently after Peterson made comments she found “extremely offensive,” “hurtful” and “very dangerous.”

And what was it that pushed her  over the edge?

Peterson referred to Bruce Jenner as “a man.”

Throughout her 20-minute, sit-down interview on “The Fallen State with Jesse Lee Peterson,” Boebi, who has her own YouTube channel, calmly answered questions about being a lesbian, her atheist beliefs, feminism, her father’s suicide and her need for therapy.

But the cordial conversation took a bad turn when the subject shifted to gender identity.

Peterson, author of “The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood,” asked Boebi, “What is a woman?”

Boebi replied it’s “an identity you can identify as.”

After pausing for a moment to try and think of a better definition, the lesbian YouTuber said: “It’s difficult because you want to be inclusive of trans people and non-binary people, so I can’t just be like, ‘Being a woman is these primary sex characteristics or secondary sex characteristics or your chromosomes or whatever.’ I think it’s a mix of all those things, and it’s also a mix of what you feel like you are, so being a woman and being a man or being neither or both is such a different experience for everyone.”

Peterson, seeking clarity, asked: “So it’s hard for you to say what a woman is because you don’t want to offend the people who are confused about their sexual identity?”

Boebi responded she wanted to include such people, to which Peterson asked, “Why? They’re messed up.”

An incredulous Boebi gasped, “Did you just say trans people are messed up?”

Peterson responded such people are “abnormal” and have been “traumatized,” referring to the common belief that childhood trauma plays a role in a person’s decision to change his or her gender.

“Why would you not identify what a real woman is because people who are confused about who they are might be offended, when you might be able to help them by really identifying what a woman is and what a man is, and they may think about it and overcome their trauma?” Peterson asked.

But Boebi seized on two of Peterson’s words. “Did you just say ‘real woman’?” she asked. “So you think there are women that aren’t real women?”

Peterson replied transgender women are not real women. He then asked Boebi if she thought men who surgically attach female body parts and dress as women are men or women. Boebi asked him to repeat the question.

“You know how there are ‘transgenders’ now, and they are confused about their identity, so you’ve heard of Bruce Jenner, right? We all know Bruce is a man …”

That statement was apparently too much for Boebi to handle. She stood up, with Peterson mid-sentence, and walked off the stage.

When Peterson asked why she was leaving, she replied, “Because what you’re saying is extremely offensive, and I’m not going to sit here for it.”

As Boebi took off her microphone, Peterson said: “I thought you were open-minded. You’re not open-minded?”

The YouTube star replied: “Nope. What you’re saying is hurtful and very dangerous.”

She proceeded to gather her personal belongings and stomp out of the building, leaving an astounded Peterson sitting alone onstage.

“That was Stevie Boebi,” he announced to his viewers. “She just got up and walked out. I’m stunned, because when I watched her videos she seemed to be so carefree, and she allows other people to disagree. That’s the impression that I have. I wonder what her YouTubers will think now.”

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