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'Panicked' London train commuters flee when man reads Bible

(OREGONIAN) — London commuters wrenched open the doors of a packed rush-hour train Monday morning, forcing the train to stop and the power to the tracks to be cut. Witnesses described the scene as “panicked” and a “commotion.”

The reason: a fellow passenger was reading the Bible aloud.

“I specifically heard him say things about homosexuality and sex before marriage being sins and how we had to repent for our sins, the lord gave his son for our sins, et cetera,” one passenger told the Richmond & Twickenham Times. “I sort of zoned out a little after that as I had no interest in listening to him.”

Others weren’t able to zone out. They “started to panic and push.”

Some commuters “became scared when the man also began saying ‘Death is not the end,'” a rider told the BBC.