WASHINGTON – Parents are outraged after discovering their children were being taught about “mutual masturbation” and “anal sex” in their Oklahoma public middle school.

Students in Jay, Oklahoma, were given sex-ed handouts from Lighthouse Pregnancy Center teaching that there are “four types of sex.”

The graphic sex lesson handouts were culled from a program called “Shape, Sexual Health Awareness, Prevention and Education.”

According to Oklahoma’s KWTV News, the superintendent said the curriculum that contains the “lesson” is being used by several other area school districts.

Concerned parent Mandy Callihan called attention to the graphic junior high school lesson plan on Facebook.

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“Her father and I were (and still are) LIVID.

“Yes, Jake and I contacted the school immediately (the teacher, the principal, the counselor, and the school nurse). We were told that ‘pamphlets’ were sent home a week ago letting parents know that they were going to be discussing sex education,” Callihan wrote.

“We never saw a pamphlet … so we didn’t have the opportunity to get her out of the class before it started. Signatures for permission were NOT required, but you could opt out (depending on who you talk to, because we got different answers on the permission part). This ‘pamphlet’ they keep talking about tells me a couple of things … mainly that we have educators, and administrators, in our school system that need to be educated on how to properly let parents know about such a touchy and personal subject.”

Another parent in Jay said she is a proponents of sex education but the explicit nature of the handout crossed the line.

“I was a little taken aback and disgusted I was like … I was taken back,” seventh-grade parent Stacy Gough told KWTV. “I don’t think types of sex that you can have is actually appropriate in a sex education class … he [her son] said, ‘Mom, it’s like instead of them telling us how to not do it, it’s like they gave us a road map.'”

The principal did not return request for comment, nor did the Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center.

Jay Public Schools Supt. Kenneth Bridges told News On 6 that he “had no knowledge of the program” and that “It is being (and has been) used by at least five other school districts in our area including Grove Public Schools for five years.”

School districts across the country repeatedly have attempted to implement graphic sex-ed programs in their middle school curricula, but they often have been stopped by angry parents.

In North Carolina’s Cumberland County, a program for pre-teens was suspended after hundreds of parents complained.

The sex-ed program, called “Get Real,” was created by scandal-ridden Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, which faces allegations of profiteering from the sale of late-term aborted baby parts, child sex abuse and Medicaid fraud.

The focus of the program is to teach children about sexual preference, contraception and how to use condoms, as well as LGBTQ terminology.

Monica Leal Cline, a former HIV health educator for a Planned Parenthood affiliate, recently revealed in a video exposé that Planned Parenthood officials instructed her: “Parents are a barrier to service. We don’t want parents involved.”

The Cumberland County Board of Education halted the “Get Real” program in light of parental concerns.

“I don’t need somebody else teaching my kids, as they put it in there, ‘the myths and facts about your sexuality.’ That’s something the parents need to do,” parent Nick Quello told WRAL in Raleigh. “I just don’t think that’s appropriate for a 12-year-old, whether it be a boy or a girl, to be teaching them that.”

See what American education has become, in “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.”


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