President Trump and former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka (Photo: Facebook/Sebastian Gorka)

President Trump and former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka (Photo: Facebook/Sebastian Gorka)

WASHINGTON – Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka says radical Islamic jihadists, China and radical leftists pose the greatest threats to U.S. national security, but will be defeated by President Trump and his supporters who are restoring America’s global dominance and reclaiming the country’s culture.

Speaking to WND at this weekend’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., Gorka also noted President Trump’s decision to decertify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is a major step in “crushing” jihadist terrorism.

“The closest threat – the most imminent one – is, of course, the jihadis that created September the 11th – al-Qaida, ISIS – that’s the five-meter target, that’s the close-range target. But now under the leadership of President Trump, under the office of Secretary Mattis, we’re crushing them in Syria in Iraq. The immediate term threat is the Shia-jihadis – this is Iran, this is the Republican Guard, Hezbollah. If they get nuclear weapons, that’s a game changer and that’s why it’s so important the president decertified the Iran deal.”

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Trump has sought China’s help in dealing with North Korea, as China has remained one of the last defenders of dictator Kim Jong Un and could apply enormous financial pressure should it turn on the North Korean leader.

Amid Pyongyang’s escalating war of words with the U.S. regarding North Korea’s nuclear missile program, China, in an unprecedented move against North Korea, issued an order to carry out the United Nations sanctions imposed on the rogue regime in August.

“China has the most leverage to deal with North Korea,” Gorka said. “And the fact that the president and Ambassador Haley at the U.N. have managed to convince China that even if you’re in a competition with us, you will not profit by having a nuclear war on your border and they joined us with Russia – it’s a big deal – in the tightest sanctions package against North Korea in history, that tells you how big a problem North Korea is. China may be our long term enemy, but they don’t a war in their back doorstep either.”

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But he says China’s diplomacy with the U.S. against North Korea is centered around the fact the Chinese don’t want war on its “own back doorstep,” as the greatest threat the U.S. faces in the long term is an economic war.

“This is something I’ve learned from Steve Bannon and working in the White House with him – the real long- term problem is China,” he said. “China is at economic war with us today. They are undermining us politically in the intelligence field and they are trying to intimidate their neighbors militarily. We need to have a plan to deal with the hegemonic China because that’s the real long term threat.”

While Trump has pledged to “bomb the sh-t” out of ISIS and “totally destroy” North Korea, the Trump administration will not engage in nation building, Gorka assured, as his Republican predecessor President George Bush attempted to in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“This is not a neo-conservative, adventurist administration. The president is not interested in intervention,” the British-born, American military and intelligence analyst said. “He has said before he became president and after he became president, I do not do nation building. He’s interested in helping our friends and neighbors be safe. But the people he is here to protect are the American people.

“Remember what he said when he pulled us out of the Paris accord, he said ‘I was elected by the citizens of Pittsburgh,’ so this not a Bush III administration. It’s not isolationist, nor is it expansionist interventionism. It’s that safe, common sense, middle track that looks at our interest first.”

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While Gorka assured the commander in chief will adhere to his campaign promises to the American people, domestically and abroad, he warned that members of the Trump administration are undermining the “Make America Great Again” platform and influencing the president to become more politically correct on Islamic radical extremism – an issue that prompted his resignation from the White House.

“When [Trump] was given a speech to read on Afghanistan that was missing the key word that was in every speech he’s given – to Congress, to Israel, in Saudi Arabia – that phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ – that was deleted from his speech in Afghanistan,” he said. “I said ‘the people who are not part of the Trump agenda are now in control. I can best serve the president on the outside. And that’s what I’m doing.”

“The day after I resigned, he contacted me, said he’s going to stick to his agenda, but he wants me to help him from the outside. And that’s what people like Steve Bannon and myself are doing.”

National-security threats are imminent, but liberalism is destructing the U.S. from within, Gorka said.

“Andrew Breitbart was so right when he said, politics is downstream from culture. The rot begins with culture. When we, we the conservatives, surrendered the high schools and colleges to the radicals. When people like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn – terrorists can become tenured professors, God protect those poor students. When we allowed them to fill that vacuum, we surrendered the culture wars to the left – to the readers of Saul Alinsky, to the crypto-Marxists, to the crypto-Maoists. But don’t worry, what happened on November 8th? The outsider won.”

Leftists are losing the culture war, Gorka argued, despite being pervasive in Hollywood, the music industry, the mainstream media and academia.

“Look at the people who accuse me or Steve of being racist or being xenophobes, they’re losing every day,” he said. “CNN, the Anderson Cooper ‘rock star.’ Less than 800,000 people watch his show every night. How many people live in America? Three-hundred-thirty million, and he can’t even get 1 million people to watch his show? Look at the stats for Sean Hannity. Look at the stats for Breitbart. We are taking America back, one issue at a time.”

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