The problem with many people caught up in the chosen lifestyle of homosexuality and the contrived sexual orientations that have become attached to same is that they feel entitled to demand their chosen lifestyles be forcibly accepted.

The important detail those referenced above ignore is that using dictatorial coercion to supplant the God consciousness of rational human beings has always been met with resistance.

Which brings me to my first point: At what point will those who elect to practice such lifestyles realize that the overwhelming majority of Americans will never permit their children to be converted into variant forms of homosexuals? The more they fight to gain control over our children the more resistance they will encounter.

A person named D’Anne Witkowski wrote what amounted to one of the most incoherent pieces of drivel and whining I have ever read. Witkowski was distraught because I advocate for “rescuing” as many children from the clutches of public schools and the godless curriculum public schools employ to inculcate and desensitize malleable young minds to debauchery.

I’m not going to name the website, because I refuse to promote it; suffice it to say her article appeared on a homosexual website where I, along with other public figures I know, were similarly attacked.

I have been vocal in my opposition to public schools for nearly 40 years – which brings me to another point. I was opposed to public school education well before public schools began forcibly inculcating children from Kindergarten to 5th grade with homosexual indoctrination.

There are only so many acceptable explanations of why it has become necessary (thanks to Obama) to teach K-5th grade about homosexuality. Those reasons are to desensitize impressionable young minds to the errancy of sexual perversion, to deconstruct the traditional family and to adhere to an image not created by God. (And I hasten to add that I object to teaching same in any grade.)

Homosexuality isn’t a new behavior, but its variant forms, as is the case with all aberrant behavior, is becoming more extreme. Those graduating before 1980, ask yourself how many so-called trangenders were there in your classes? How many classmates can you truthfully say have become homosexuals since graduation? I suspect you will be hard-pressed to need all of the fingers on one hand. I personally have two fingers left over when I access my sphere of association.

It isn’t about hating or disliking homosexuals; it is about being forced to accept their lifestyles, and thus by default being forced to participate in same because of the threat of legal action when our Christian belief system dictates otherwise. They have no right nor should they have the right to force anyone to support their lifestyle.

People who aren’t agenda-driven do not behave that way. Case in point. A couple weeks ago I was looking at the online menu of a recently opened new restaurant. The photographs of the various dishes looked quite inviting. However, I noticed that the owners were wearing rainbow flag bracelets associated with homosexuality. I examined the website carefully, studying the photos of the owners and the décor. It was apparent that the owners were homosexuals. As a heterosexual Christian male void of agenda, I elected not to visit the restaurant. It had nothing to do with their chosen lifestyle; it had to do with my right to not spend my money in establishments where there is a good chance a portion of it would be donated to causes I do not support.

I did not enter the restaurant and demand they meet a requirement that opposed their lifestyle. As an adult without an agenda, I quietly took my business elsewhere. I have not mentioned the town, state or name of the restaurant in this essay. But homosexual activists deliberately search for bakeries, etc. they can exploit to further their agenda.

I am aware of homosexual men who have had their outward appearance surgically altered into something else going to Christian churches and looking to be offended so they can bring legal action against the church.

This brings me to another point. The psalmist tells us in Psalm 119:89 that: “Forever, Oh Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” (KJV) That means God’s word is immutable. God doesn’t change His mind on what is sin nor the practice of it.

My being an ordained minister notwithstanding, I am perfectly willing to let persons err in their beliefs if they choose to reject the Truth. But I will refuse before God to be pressured and/or intimidated into accepting that which my God condemns.

That includes my calling a man by a woman’s name and vice versa. Changing one’s appearance doesn’t change one’s chromosomes. They remain either XX or XY, which means so does the individual.

My final point is that I am willing to show a person respect even if he or she is undeserving of respect; but I will not sit quietly while children are brainwashed to believe that good is evil and evil is good.

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