Terror in N.Y. after U.S. interferes in Jerusalem

By Joseph Farah

JERUSALEM – I’m here in the Holy City watching in sadness, but not shock, at the latest terror attack in New York City.

Twenty-four hours after I wrote a blistering column warning of consequences in America for interfering in Israeli policy-making in Jerusalem, New York City was hit with another terror attack.

Eight people are dead and about a dozen wounded after a Muslim man ran over pedestrians with a truck before slamming into a school bus and yelling, “Allahu Akbar,” a phrase that has become ubiquitous with terror attacks the world over.

I’m not a prophet.

I’m just someone who observes the news and patterns within the news.

And you would have to be in denial not to notice bad things happen in America and to America when Israel’s No. 1 ally in the world – and one of its few – meddles in the internal affairs of the Jewish state.

Frankly, it doesn’t get much worse than pressuring Israel not to do something as sensible as enlarging its capital city, its biggest city, to accommodate a burgeoning housing demand from Jews coming back to the Jewish state as well as recognizing an overall Jewish population explosion that cannot be ignored.

Anti-Semitism is escalating in Europe and around the globe. Israel is becoming a safe haven for the most persecuted group of people the world has ever known.

So why is Washington, under new leadership, telling Israelis they cannot or should not enlarge their capital to accommodate a major housing boom around the city? These are not “settlements,” no matter who calls them that. They are permanent, beautiful housing developments like you would see in any other country’s capital. They are purchased and rented by Jews who want to live in Jerusalem – where there is just no more space for them.

Just because Jews build homes in the Jewish state does not make the homes settlements. They’re just housing complexes like those built in and around Washington, D.C. They are not out in the frontier in territory that could be negotiated in some future “peace pact.”

Jews are never going to give up an inch of territory in Jerusalem, the very heart and soul of their nation-state. It’s not going to happen.

And that’s why U.S. leadership asked the Israeli government to table legislation in the Knesset Monday to enlarge the borders of the municipality of Jerusalem. It’s a policy supported by practically everyone in Israel – the left and the right.

As I wrote Monday, it won’t make peace easier to negotiate because Israel was pressured by the U.S. to back off on more building in its own capital.

It will make it less likely.

That’s because the demands Israel faces from the Palestinian Authority always rise when Israel faces outside pressure from the West.

Israel has been an accommodating partner for peace. The problem has always been that it’s the only partner that truly seeks peace.

When are all Americans going to figure this out?

When is the permanent Washington establishment going to get it?

And why has even the Trump administration fumbled the ball on this one?

I know what I will be accused of for suggesting the terror attack in New York could be related in some way to America’s position on Israel.

Some will say I’m superstitious. Some will say I’m a conspiracy theorist. Some will say I am a religious zealot.

I don’t care. I’m going to say it anyway. It’s not just because I love Israel. It’s because I love America – and I don’t want my country to be hurt like it was Monday, or worse.

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