Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia

Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia

Why we prep

Here’s another reason why you – and your friends and family – should prep:

George Washington’s church says plaque honoring first president must come down

Church leaders at Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia – in a complete repudiation of their own domain name (““) – have decided to remove an historic plaque honoring the first president of the United States because it, and other memorials, “… make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome.” Washington was a slaveholder, after all.

There are a couple of things to note concerning this church. One, the entire pastoral staff is made up entirely of women (verifying a comment I made to my wife before I even dug into the church website to confirm my guess). And two, this church – and far too many others – have fully converged with Social Justice and away from God’s grace.

Here’s the thing: All great men and women of the past – with one very important exception – were flawed human beings. We have all fallen short of God’s glory. Mahatma Gandhi despised black Africans. Martin Luther was an anti-Semite. Margaret Sanger was a racist. Bill and Hillary Clinton – well, where to begin …?

Jesus used slavery in his teachings. He didn’t glorify slavery, but neither did He explicitly condemn it. Rather, He used slavery as a metaphor of the condition of sin. Both the apostles Peter and Paul told slaves to obey their masters. Obviously, therefore, Christ Church should expunge their Bibles of all reference to Peter, Paul and Jesus; and either return their “Washington Bible” (given to the church in 1804 by Washington’s adopted son – a slaveholder himself) to his descendants … or burn it.

In a lot of ways they’re already doing these things. Here’s a portion of a recent sermon by one of the pastors of Christ Church and her reading of the “Womanist’s” Apostle Creed:

This “historic” church is tossing its godly history in favor of progressive histrionics, and it’s not alone. Our national morality is suffering as a result. Personally, like those lady pastors, I believe involuntary servitude of one person for the personal pleasure or profit of another is wrong – and a sin. Of course I also believe government slavery is wrong (since it’s for the profit or pleasure of a society). Here, apparently, the Christ Church ladies and I would part company.

Prepping isn’t just about personal survival. It’s also about making sure we have enough spiritual lamp oil to be ready to greet the Bridegroom (Matt. 25:1-13).

And that’s one of the reasons we prep.

Last week we looked at some of the nasty diseases spread by human (and sometimes animal) waste. Mostly these diseases are endemic to third-world countries as a result of poor waste-management methods, but as frequent news articles show, first-worlders are not exempt from people-poop interactions:

Other news reports (and common sense) indicate our current illegal-alien invasion is bringing previously eradicated diseases along for the ride:

Whether a sewer system failure is caused by a power outage or an earthquake, self-dependent types need to have a plan in place to safely handle their human waste.

Here’s how to do that.

All homes – whether located in the city, the suburbs, the country, or the sticks – should have an emergency loo. The best, simplest, and cheapest is the five-gallon bucket/toilet seat combo. I have a couple, and you should have at least one in a closet near you.

Is prepping the right thing for to do for Christians? Or should we just be trusting in the Lord? Learn about that balance in “Be Thou Prepared” by Carl Gallups – “Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble.”

Assembling one is easy. First get a standard five-gallon bucket. If you look around, you can often find one for free by asking at a construction site, or a bakery or paint store. If you’re willing to trade the thrill of the hunt for the ease of acquisition, you can buy your “honey bucket” at Home Depot for $3 and change. (Avoid the Lowe’s version; they’re just as inexpensive but not as robust.)

Bucket + toilet seat lid

Next, head for a large sporting goods store or shop Amazon or eBay for a snap-on toilet seat with a closable lid. That will run you around $15 (including shipping).

Inside the clean empty bucket, put a roll of sturdy plastic kitchen-sized trash can bags (and twist-ties) of a size to fit the bucket with a little overlap at the lip. By the way, up to this point you can go pretty cheap, but for self-evident reasons make sure you get quality bags. Finally, add a couple of rolls of toilet paper, a rag or two, and a bottle of strong disinfectant. Optionally, add a pair of rubber gloves and a couple packs of wet-wipes for cleaning your hands. Put everything in the bucket, snap on the seat, and you’ve got your portable kit ready to go when you’re ready to go. Having two buckets handy, one for urine and the other for feces, will make later disposal a lot easier.

Now consider the type of disinfectant. Most folks will tell you a chlorine solution is best, such as 6 percent sodium hypochlorite (laundry bleach). But there’s one thing wrong with chlorine bleach: it degrades pretty quickly. All you preppers out there with jugs of chlorine bleach just waiting to clean up after the Zombie Apocalypse are going to be disappointed when you open those jugs and find salt water. Common household bleach is only effective for a year or less; much less, if you’ve stored it in a warm location.

A far better and longer-lasting disinfectant is alcohol. There are various types of alcohol, of course, but any solution 70 percent alcohol or better will kill most every pathogen you’ll ever need to worry about. Since that’s the case, your best bet from the standpoint of prepper multipurpose practicality is to have a couple bottles of cheap vodka around for the job. Not only will it clean your porta-potty, it can also clean a wound, degrease a gun, start a fire, or soothe a soul. But don’t think higher-proof potables would be better. Studies show anything much above 70 percent alcohol evaporates too fast to destroy all the germs.

Check out some options in the WND Superstore preparedness department. New products of all kinds being added regularly for all your prepper needs – from informational books, movies to shovels, water purifiers, and food from soup to nuts!

So now you have your emergency toilet covered. What else can an apartment or townhouse-dweller do? Not much, I’m afraid. Like everything else in a longer-term emergency (water/power/heat/food), after a few days your best bet is to beat feet.

Your options for safe waste disposal increase with the distance from the city-center. We’ll take a look at those situations next week.

So until then, get your honey bucket together, check your plastic bags for leaks, and get prepared.

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