Harvey Weinstein used to deliver movies for Hillary to the Clinton home. I wonder if he delivered anything for Bill?

There are lots of “he said, she saids” in the relations between men and women. But when it’s written into the boss’ employment contract that his checkbook fixes the problem, well … everyone involved knew there was a problem.

Makes you wonder why NBC News covered the story up for so long after Ronan Farrow (Mia’s son) begged them to run it. He had audio and video to support the story.

Cover-ups are nothing new to the media elitists, though, are they? Think Sen. Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne. Ted escaped the Oldsmobile submarine in its Chappaquiddick dive but left his date to die. That’s why he was re-elected forever, right?

Generally speaking, men have more power in the world than women. Universally speaking, adults have more power than children. The younger the child, the greater the power the adult holds, until we reach infant status, when the adult’s power is absolute. Before birth, the mother’s power over her child’s life and death is often both secret and absolute, thanks to Planned Parenthood, school rules and parents kept in the dark.

Maybe absolute power over another is what appealed to the city council president arrested for child porn. Did the elites cover for Weinstein because he knew their little secrets? Maybe the flicks Harvey was so kind to deliver for Hillary when he was around were just a cover for the ones he delivered for Bill. How many trips did Bill make on the Lolita Express in Epstein’s jet? 26 trips?

The sexual revolution robbed women of the once-absolute power they held over men: Creation of the next generation. In return women got hookups, recycled STDs, lame excuses and single parenthood. The state stepped in to help them raise their kids in poverty. I guess for feminists, that’s progress.

It’s easy to see why Weinstein so often got what he wanted, and so rarely wrote a check for it. The same is true for the Democratic Party. More single mothers dependent upon the state for their well-being and raising their kids meant a continuing stream of new Democratic voters. More money for public schools, which were forced to deal with broken families. More union dues into the Dems’ coffers at election time. The taxpayers? Well, bleep them!

But still it wasn’t enough. Democrats wanted the illegal vote. They wanted the dead vote. Colleges and universities signed onto the bandwagon under the promise of more and easier student loans for all comers. In return higher education generated intellectual idiots, whose grasp of the thought process is so weak they demand protection from challenges to their indoctrinated worldview. Why do these colleges and universities still have accreditation? Do the degrees they award have any meaning to anyone beyond their own accountants, who tally up the student loan income?

Do you think it’s over? God simply started with the toughest nut to crack, which was Washington, D.C. It was run by a corrupt and incompetent fraud who used the nation’s own intelligence services to spy on the rival political party and to thwart any advances toward the White House. The fraud’s goal was to hand the keys over to an even bigger corrupt and incompetent successor, Hillary Clinton, whom he knew would be good at only one thing: covering his tracks.

Media elitists had grown accustomed to covering for, instead of covering, Democrats. Like Harvey Weinstein, it was one big, open secret. You stayed in the good graces of the rich and powerful by complimenting them on their clothing as the parade went by. In the end they came to believe that riding naked among the crowds on the left’s donkey made them one of America’s messiahs.

Hollywood was the next toughest nut. God broke it wide open with Harvey. There’s a lot more nuts left in the Hollywood Bowl, however. They look good on the outside, but are rotting and stinking on the inside. Who’s next in the Hollywood Nutcracker performance?

Any guesses on which area of American elitist “culture” comes after this one? Look for idols of mass worship. Wall Street? Big tech? Military superiority? Public education? Sports? Roughly half the NFL players have criminal records, so why are we surprised they despise the national anthem?

The end isn’t what you think it is. “Reconnaissance” (Vol. 1), “Behind Enemy Lines” (Vol. 2), “Absolution: The Singularity” (Vol. 3) and “Earth’s Final Kingdom” (Vol. 4 at the publisher).

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