Felicia and Jonah

Felicia and Jonah

Late-term abortions are priciest, and likely most profitable, for abortionists. They also are the ones most easily targeted by pro-lifers, since the infant is sometimes only a few weeks from being a full-term child.

So controversy has followed them wherever they are done – formerly at the late George Tiller’s site in Wichita, Kansas, or maybe Warren Hern’s facility in Boulder, Colorado.

But now a stunning new undercover video from officials with Abortion Free New Mexico reveals an abortion business staff talking about performing an abortion in the 37th week.

That’s right at the typical nine-month due date, although it’s considered normal to have a pregnancy up to about 40 weeks.

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The video also gives a rare look inside the nation’s largest late-term abortion facility, Southwestern Women’s Options.

Abortion Free New Mexico spokesman Bud Shaver told WND that the undercover operative, Felicia, had been given two genetic tests that were positive for Trisomy 18, also called Edwards’ Syndrome, which causes severe development delays due to an extra chromosome 18.

“This made Felicia the ideal operative for going inside Southwestern Women’s Options to uncover just how far into the pregnancy they would perform a third trimester abortion,” Shaver explained.

“During her consultation with Susana Estorga, a clinic employee, Estorga counsels Felicia and prepares her for the four day long procedure that begins with an injection into the womb through either the abdominal wall or vaginally,” he said.

“This injection causes a fetal heart attack that stops the baby’s heart over the course of 4-6 grueling hours. She is also told that the procedure will cost $17,000 and was instructed on how to obtain New Mexico Medicaid to have the procedure paid for with state tax dollars.”

“Southwestern Women’s Options shows no bounds when it comes to performing late term abortions on babies with birth defects, even as late as 37 weeks gestation,” he explained.

“In addition this case proves that there are, in fact, a percentage of women who receive false positive testing for birth defects diagnosed in utero. The inconclusive genetic testing and often misdiagnosis offered by genetic counselors are a death sentence for vulnerable babies in the womb. This is an appalling revelation that the community at large must question, especially when these genetic tests are then used to pressure women into obtaining lucrative late term abortions that our latest video reveals can cost, up to $17,000,” stated Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico.

The video:

Shaver also reported he has documented extensively how dangerous the late term procedure is.

In fact, the Abortion Free New Mexico organization was told that just last February a woman died from complications incurred during the several day late term abortion procedure.

Abortion Free New Mexico’s attorney then obtained the woman’s autopsy report, through a public records request, which shed light on how the late term abortion contributed to her untimely death.

In Felicia’s case, she did not follow through with the proposed abortion, and two days after her visit to the center to make the video, went into labor and delivered a completely healthy Jonah.

In Congress, lawmakers are considering a fetal pain bill that would impose limits on abortion beyond 20 weeks, although that is not the law yet.

Read the tested and proven strategies to defeat the abortion cartel, in “Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time.”

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