A table full of Democrats at the White House Thanksgiving in 2009 (White House photo)

A table full of Democrats at the White House Thanksgiving in 2009 (White House photo)

It’s that time of year again! You know, when you’d rather pluck out your eyeballs with an oyster fork than listen to your leftist in-laws complain about how President Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton, because, after all, it was really “her turn.”

And now leftist media are pouring gasoline on this unbearable fire with articles urging, “Go ahead, talk politics at Thanksgiving,” and calling on families to talk taxes at the table.

So what’s a red-blooded, freedom-loving, self-supporting, Trump-voting American to do?

Just in time for Thanksgiving Day, Twitter is exploding with suggestions that are sure to end the insufferable dialogue once and for all.

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WND compiled the top 20 suggestions under the hashtag #HowToPoliticizeThanksgiving.

1) “Change your WiFi password to ‘MAGA2020’ for the day.” – Deplorable Karen.


2) “Build a wall with your mashed potatoes.” – Dana Loesch.

3) “Ask everyone if they would like some Cofvefe with their dessert.” – Conservative Cookie

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

4) “Eat a piece of cheese in the shape of a gun.” – Doubting Thomas

5) “Serve hot dogs and tell the family that you donated their portion of thanksgiving to people who deserve their fair share.” – WaskelweeWabbitt

6) “Say your prayer in Russian.” – DCeames


7) “As you’re biting into the drum stick, ask everyone if they think it’s as big as Hillary’s cankles.” – Rusty Shackelford

8) “Blurt out BLACK FRIDAYS MATTER!” – SumErgoMonstro

9) “In the spirit of recycling, use old NRA mailings as place mats.” – Deplorable Karen


10) “Provide no safe spaces anywhere in the house. NONE.” – AW

11) “Grab the turkey breast and smile for the camera.” – Stop Incumbency

12) “Manspread at the dinner table.” – H-Town Conservative


13) “Sew up the cavity and don’t let anyone see inside. Tell them, ‘We have to eat the turkey before we know what’s inside it.” – US Constitution 2A

14) “Slave over a hot oven and then give half your feast to the government.” – Malynda

15) “Burn the casserole. Tell everyone that you wanted to ‘feel the Bern’ and you weren’t impressed.” – Rusty Shackelford

Bernie Sanders feelin' 'the bern' (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Bernie Sanders feelin’ ‘the bern’ (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

16) “Extreme vetting for pecan pies.” – Bartholomew Breeder

17) “Wait till everyone is seated and the food is getting cold to give a long homily about ‘whiteness’ of turkey meat and the superior value of ‘turkey meat of color.'” – Max

18) “Dress the turkey in a pantsuit, wear your MAGA hat and carve away.” – Mike Savage

19) “Assume the gender of the turkey.” – Mike

20) “Use the chainsaw bayonet attachment on your AR-15 to carve the turkey.” – Ray G.



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