Perhaps we should congratulate the Democratic Party. They have moved from their traditional dirty election tricks – the old favorites being dead voters, ballot box fraud, illegal voters (for all immigrants here illegally are illegals) – on into character assassination. The Bible, incidentally, equates the latter with murder.

Democrats would seem to be an odd choice to mount the high horse of protecting women and children from unwanted sexual attention. Bill Clinton preferred his interns under the Oval Office desk. Democrats supported this when every Democrat in the Senate voted not to convict for impeachment.

In other words, Democratic senators saw nothing wrong then – and see nothing wrong now – in demeaning women, abusing the power of their office for sexual kicks, lying to us about it and then defaming their opponents.

The House of Representatives has paid out over $15 million to victims of sexual harassment in their august chamber during recent years. We the People, their employers, have been kept in the dark regarding the hush money we forked over. We get to see the dollars we paid out. We just don’t get the perpetrators names. Heaven forbid there should be consequences to the abusers for their actions!

As I’m writing this, the head of the Florida Democratic Party, Chairman Stephen Bittel, has been busted as a serial sexual abuser. Democrats have kept him on, it seems, because he gives them money. “Sure, you can have our interns. Just give us more money.”

Yes, these are the same Democrats who have lectured America for as long as I care to remember about equal pay, equal rights, free abortions, publicly paid gender-swap operations and normalizing sexual deviancy all the way down to their level across society.

When we get the names from the House of Representatives – and we will – does anyone really believe the names will be equally divided between Democrat and Republican? No, Democrats will be overwhelmingly represented. That release near the 2018 elections will further devastate their lust for power.

Democrats have partaken of their own hemlock cocktail, which they had prepared for the nation to drink in honor of their final assault on its dying carcass.

They thought nobody would stand up to them. They thought wrong. The Democratic Party, all the way from its rotting head with Bill and Hillary Clinton, on down to the lowly ballot box stuffers who come up with more Democrat votes than there are voters in their precinct, are all riding around naked on their sexual-harassment high horses, lecturing the rest of us on politically correct behavior. The party has consumed its own hemlock cocktail.

All of which brings us to Alabamians, but in a good way. In the minds of our self-anointed elitist betters, big-media and high-paid (but who knows by whom) legal “talent,” they pulled out their “old reliable.” They made up sexual stupidities only now “discovered” against a man voters in Alabama have known for decades. They now tell us that their character assassination fantasies should be disqualifying for that man’s election as U.S. senator, because they found people willing to make up lies for money.

I argue the opposite. If Ted Kennedy can be re-elected to a lifetime of drunken corruption in the Senate after leaving a young woman to drown in his car for his own convenience, then Alabamians have a duty to this nation to send Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate. Call it “Deplorables’ Karma,” if you like.

As Trump slowly drains the swamp – and it will take years – all sorts of vile, filthy creatures, their activities and their empires built over decades will be exposed by the lowering waters. It will be ugly, vile and filthy.

We as citizens are treading water in the swamp. We will never get another chance to drain it of corruption, abuse and the creatures who have inhabited it for generations. To accomplish that, we need to recognize there are no perfect candidates, because there are no perfect people. Satan saw to that back in the Garden of Eden.

Today it seems that some people are still more willing to partner with Satan than others. The immediate task is to drain the swamp – and the swamp creatures know this. They will stop at nothing – character murder and bodily murder – to preserve their hold on government.

I think Alabamians know how to deal with a swamp. Let those who have practiced character assassination reap their reward. It will be one less shot they can use against us next time.

Disclosure: I do not know Roy Moore, have never met him, and am not able to vote for him in the election.

There are some who choose not to partner with Satan. Armageddon Story.

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