(Business Insider) Donna Brazile said her book about the 2016 election almost did not happen.

In an interview with Business Insider, the former interim Democratic National Committee chair said that before she decided to find a new literary agent, she was told that no one would be interested in her version of the election.

But when Brazile published her book about her tumultuous tenure as DNC chair, which she was appointed to following the hack and leak of internal DNC emails last year, it rocked the political landscape.

“My agent said political books aren’t selling, especially by political hacks,” Brazile recalled. “And I said, ‘There’s that word ‘hacks’ again.'”

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s book about her 2016 loss provoked glee among conservatives and private griping among Democrats, Brazile’s provocative tell-all sparked open warfare among the former campaign, fact-checkers, and Brazile’s defenders.

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