So guess what Hillary Clinton is up to these days? Unable to stay out of the limelight, no matter how vulgar the format, she is stepping up as guest editor of the final print issue of Teen Vogue – the magazine, if you recall, which teaches teen girls to be sluts.

In the forthright words of Blunt Force Truth, “Hillary is putting her personal seal of approval on Teen Vogue’s often reprehensible sexual articles that promote ideas of being sexually promiscuous to a target audience of girls 11 to 17.” Incidentally, this Blunt Force Truth article also has a list of additional Teen Vogue “how to be a slut” topics that are too vulgar, graphic and disgusting to reprint here – a “roiling sewer of filth.” Yet teenage girls are reading them, and Hillary is endorsing them.

What does it mean when one of the nation’s highest-ranking women encourages young girls to become sluts? It means this country is becoming a deep, wide cesspool. And it’s getting deeper and wider.

Teen Vogue’s X-rated content is merely a symptom of the disease. The magazine wouldn’t exist without readers, and I’m willing to bet most of the subscriptions were purchased by parents of these teen girls.


It is also the parents, let me remind you, who are bringing their tiny innocent children – some as young as 2 years old – to what is apparently the latest, hottest phenomenon: “Demon Drag Queen Story Hour” at the library. I mean, these drag people are honestly scary … yet parents are willingly bringing their children to see these freaks and trying to pretend they’re normal.

“I got to read to the children today and it was one of the best experiences I’ve been given as a drag queen,” wrote the freak. “It’s so important to have representation and normalize all the letters in LGBTQIA+ in everyday lives.” [Emphasis added.]

And of course, let’s not forget what’s going on in public schools. Gone are the days when America could pride itself on its educational system, which was one of the best in the world. Nowadays math is racist and history never happened (since it’s fluid and changeable). Besides, why bother studying such stuffy, stultifying subjects as math and science when students could be learning the kind of “education” that would make a prostitute proud? Somehow school boards have concluded an intimate examination of sexual practices across an oily rainbow sheen of options is the kind of information that will give students a cutting edge on the world stage and allow them to compete in the global marketplace.

Of course, vigilant parents are opposing the graphic adult content being taught to their children … which is why a former health educator for a Planned Parenthood affiliate was told by Planned Parenthood officials: “Parents are a barrier to service. We don’t want parents involved.”

And now we learn “millions” of millennials are seeking an ancient solution to their modern problems: Selling their bodies to pay off debt. ZeroHedge notes: “As the storm clouds of peak stupidity gather over the heads of the millennial generation who were conned by banks, government, and universities to take out excessive amounts of leverage in auto loans, credit cards, and student debt, millions have flocked to a new website seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’ and or even ‘Sugar Mommies’ to pay off their debt amid an economic environment where wage growth remains non-existent. … Today’s real simple get-out-of-debt option for the broke college/post college millennial is through an unconventional dating website called”

All this points to a major problem in America: the decline of virtue. Progressives may claim “It’s about time” and be glad to shed the Puritanical influences that have kept “free expression” at bay for centuries; but in point of fact, a lack of virtue is a common trait of declining civilizations and is historically a predecessor to the downfall of nations. After all, a nation with values is almost impossible to conquer. A nation without those values is easy to bring down (just keep watching Europe implode thanks to its “peaceful” new conquerors who have intensely strong morals by their own standards).

In this phenomenal video below, economist David Morgan notes what brings down empires. “We have the last oomph of momentum, that we used to be great, and we felt great, but we don’t feel it anymore. So everyone is out searching for it. Maybe it’s in the best food, or the best clothes, or the best music, or the best movies, or reality TV shows, or another magazine … but you can never get enough of what you don’t need. What you need is a strong moral conviction that is pervasive throughout the society, and integrity reigns.”

Liberals refuse to see the future price America will pay for this decline of virtue. They absolutely refuse to see it.

In an essay by John Bagot Glubb (1897-1986) entitled “The Fate of Empires,” he analyzed empires and discovered remarkable similarities between them all. He learned empires last about 250 years (10 generations) from the early pioneers to the final conspicuous consumers who become a burden on the state. Six ages define the lifespan of an empire:

  • The Age of Pioneers
  • The Age of Conquests
  • The Age of Commerce
  • The Age of Affluence
  • The Age of Intellect
  • The Age of Decadence (bread and circuses)

There are common features to every age of decadence; not just the conspicuous display of wealth, but an obsession with sex. Believe me, folks, we’re there.

In 1819, John Adams wrote to Jefferson: “Have you ever found in history, one single example of a nation thoroughly corrupted that was afterwards restored to virtue? … And without virtue, there can be no political liberty.”

As I see it, the Hillary Clintons and the demon drag queens are taking America down, along with the parents (useful idiots) who partner with their depravity in the name of tolerance and diversity. Those who take their children to drag queen story hours, or keep their children in public school to learn nothing, or subscribe to Teen Vogue, or pretend Planned Parenthood is a place of sweetness and light – all in the name of inclusiveness and egalitarianism – are simply contributing to this decline.

And what about those who refuse to submit? What about those who shun public education and drag queen story hours? What about those who practice (and teach) old-fashioned morals and values?

It’s quite simple. They will be the pioneers for the new nation that will someday arise.

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