"It's OK to be white" sign posted on door at University of Alberta

“It’s OK to be white” sign posted on door at University of Alberta

There’s a manhunt on – or womanhunt, if that’s your gender preference – for “racists” in Massachusetts, Ohio, Louisiana, Washington, Alabama and Canada who had the audacity to terrorize by posting signs and stickers that read, “It’s OK to be white.”

It all started out as an idea on the 4chan and endchan online forums to troll the left, universities and the media and demonstrate a double standard when the issue of discrimination is involved.

Would-be trollers were encouraged to print out signs and anonymously post them, particularly on campuses, while wearing Halloween costumes to avoid being identified.

According to the plan: “The next morning, the media goes completely berserk. Normies tune in to see what’s going on, see the posters saying, ‘It’s okay to be white,’ and the media & leftists frothing at the mouth. Normies realize that leftists & journalists hate white people, so they turn on them. Credibility of far-left campuses and media gets nuked, massive victory for the right in the culture war, many more /ourguys/ spawned overnight.”

Basically, it worked. The intended targets took the bait – hook, line and sinker.

Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017 – “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer.

Sign on telephone poll in Rocky River, Ohio

Sign on telephone poll in Rocky River, Ohio

Police were called out to Boston’s Cambridge Common and Harvard Square Wednesday morning to investigate approximately 20 stickers with the “racist” message stuck to light poles and electrical boxes. The Department of Public Works was tasked with removing them with putty knives, reported the Boston Globe.

Signs reading “It’s OK to be white” were also found on telephone poles the same day in Rocky River, Ohio, a neighborhood of Cleveland. Postings were reported on campus at Auburn University, Tulane University and at Western Washington University.

“This story is developing. Updates will be made as more information is made available,” the Tulane Hullabaloo ominously reported.

The biggest reaction came from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, after the dreaded sign was found Tuesday, posted to the door of the native studies building. The day before, a jack-o-lantern sporting a crude feather headdress, found at the campus center quad, sparked cries of racism.

“It’s been bothering me all day. It’s a stupid little pumpkin, but it’s been bothering me,” grad student Chelsea Vowel, who found the object, told Toronto Metro News.

“I didn’t want other students to see it, but on the other hand I wanted people to see it and realize that we’re still facing these ridiculous micro-aggressions.”


University President David Turpin released a statement saying: “[T]he university is aware of several incidents of racism that have occurred on north campus in recent days. Messaging or displays that target or marginalize any individuals or groups will not be tolerated. We are working with University of Alberta Protective Services to find the parties responsible.”

Turpin emphasized that the university is a “welcoming and safe environment for all people,” where we “proudly celebrate our Indigenous heritage, including the ancestral Treaty 6 lands and the Metis homeland on which our university is located.”

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Responding to the poster he found when he came to work Tuesday morning, native studies Dean Chris Andersen called it “juvenile.”

“These are the kinds of petty imbecilities that are symbolic of feelings of fragility and frailty present in mainstream society,” he said.

“It’s supposed to make us feel a certain way, and the way we feel is unsafe,” added Vowel.

Meanwhile, the hunt continues for those responsible for the “disturbing racist Halloween pumpkin” and the “It’s OK to be white” signs.

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