Dear Mr. Farah,

My name is Dale Stogner. I bought and read “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of Age,” and I appreciate your initiative and thoughtful work in writing it. I have been a Sabbath and Holy-Day-keeping Christian for 41 years.

Six days can definitely be argued to mean 6,000 years (2 Peter 3:8), and the day of restoration equating to the seventh day Sabbath is hopefully coming soon. We could use 1,000 years of good news for a change, which your book so skillfully and succinctly points out.

You should not be surprised that Christianity, when taken as a whole, has largely been, in effect, “Samaritanized.” Jesus would not be. Please permit me a brief explanation, which I believe you will find of interest. If the plan of God is 7,000 years, then Jesus came after about 4,000 years of human history had elapsed. This is metaphorically depicted when Jesus healed Lazarus. In this biblical example, Jesus waits until he knows Lazarus is dead for four days and then comes to the family and heals him (John 11:17, 39-40). Jesus came to what was left of Israel in the land after about 4,000 years and healed many people (Matthew 12:15). While this is interesting, it is not the bombshell, which I will explain in the next paragraph.

Your book cogently references John 4:22 regarding the Samaritan woman and quotes the passage, “Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22, KJV).

Here is why Jesus would not be surprised that Christianity would become “Samaritanized” – because he prophesied it would happen. Later in John 4, verse 40 to be exact, it says the following: “So when the Samaritans were come unto him, they besought him that he would tarry with them: and he abode there two days. And many more believed because of his own word” (John 4:40-41, KJV).

Jesus knew, if you know how to decode his prophecy, that many people would believe in him, but not really understand what they were worshiping, and that this state of affairs would last for about 2,000 years – metaphorically depicted by the “two days” reference quoted in this paragraph. The replacement theology, the abandonment of keeping the seventh day Sabbath and the Holy Days, grace gone wild, etc., all were known long in advance by Jesus.

Again, thank you for writing your book. Take care.

Dale Stogner

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