Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile

PALM BEACH, Florida – Is there a hidden reason former DNC chair Donna Brazile has been dumping on Hillary Clinton in recent days?

The answer is a resounding yes, according to talk-radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh.

On his national broadcast Wednesday, Limbaugh made it clear that Democrats are masters of political sleight-of-hand.

He said Brazile’s impugning of Hillary’s health and the former secretary of state’s role in rigging the 2016 Democratic Party nomination in Brazile’s new book “Hacks” is demonstrative of something else taking place under the radar.

“My red flags, my suspicions have been aroused,” Limbaugh said. “They are working real hard, Brazile and whoever else is part of this, they’re working real hard to make us turn our heads over here and take a look at what she’s writing and what she’s saying and following it, getting caught up in it like a soap opera, while over here where we’re not looking, something’s going on.”

Rush Limbaugh enjoys a cigar during his 29th anniversary show Aug. 1, 2017

Rush Limbaugh enjoys a cigar during his 29th anniversary show Aug. 1, 2017

“So I’ve been asking myself, what could the real purpose of this be? When you start from a position you by experience and intelligence must consider, and that is the Democrats are great at distraction and misdirection. And I think we have a clear example of it here. Brazile and whoever else is helping her is taking our attention and, in this case it’s being focused on Hillary, which I don’t think is incidental or coincidental. I think there’s a reason Hillary Clinton’s being trashed, beyond Brazile trying to save her own skin. I don’t think that’s what’s going on here at all. I think Brazile has got something else going over here where we’re not looking.”

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A caller then phoned in this suggestion: “My opinion is I think that she’s in cahoots with the Obamas and I think Michelle’s gonna take a run at this and she’s trying to get the Clintons out of the way. And I think that they’re still fuming over some of the things that went on and what Bill had said in regards to Obama.”

Limbaugh responded in complete agreement, stating: “I think this is it. I think this is exactly what’s going on here. I think Brazile is clearing the decks and setting it up that she’s gonna run the Michelle Obama campaign for president.”

Michelle and Barack Obama (Twitter/Michelle Obama)

Michelle and Barack Obama (Twitter/Michelle Obama)

To date, there’s been no announcement that Michelle Obama will be running for president. However, the former first lady is still keeping herself in the public eye.

On Tuesday of this week, hundreds of people showed up before sunrise to hear Mrs. Obama as the keynote speaker at Dreamforce 2017 in San Francisco.

“Attendees started arriving FOUR hours early to save a seat for Michelle Obama’s keynote!” tweeted Tiffany Wilson, a reporter at ABC 7 News.

“There’s no place we’d rather be at 5:30 a.m. on day 2 of Dreamforce 2017 than waiting to see @MichelleObama,” wrote Georgina Prager.

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Interestingly, while news media were allowed to attend the event, they were actually banned from reporting on what Mrs. Obama said.

An announcement read: “No photography, recordings or video is permitted. Press are welcome to attend as guests, but cannot report on the Keynote.”

As WND reported in 2013, there was a buzz growing for a potential Democratic “dream” ticket featuring Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

“All due respect for President Obama and Vice President Biden, but that would truly be a dream team for America,” said former Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Both women are proven effective leaders who’ve raised children, so dealing with Congress would be a snap!”

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane told the paper, “More than anything else, this reflects the growing awareness that it is time for the glass ceiling of the last old boys club to be firmly shattered.”

As WND reported in 2009, an online poll by CNN had viewers overwhelmingly saying Michelle Obama should never run for president.

The question specifically asked: “Should Michelle Obama run for president in 2020?”

With 200,000 votes tallied in the unscientific poll, 83 percent of respondents answered no, with a ratio of over 165,000 against the idea to only 35,000 in favor.

William J. O’Reilly, an iReporter for CNN, drew a parallel in his video editorial between the Obamas and the “Camelot” years of John and Jackie Kennedy, but points out that Michelle is no Jackie.

“While Michelle Obama is received as not only a fashion icon and also presidential arm candy – as was Jackie Kennedy – there is a difference,” said O’Reilly. “Michelle Obama, with her bearing, with her intelligence, with her degrees from Princeton and from Harvard Law School – added to that, Hillary Clinton’s precedent in seeking and gaining political office – mark my words, Michelle Obama will run for president.”

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