The Washington Post tweeted a statement about the characteristics of “mass shooters” that evoked ridicule from talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“This is Inspector Clouseau-type stupidity,” Limbaugh said.

The tweet from the Post that prompted the reaction:

“What is crazy about that?” asked Limbaugh, who offered new iPhones to listeners who identify the problem with the Post’s statement.

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Keith in Rochester, New York, immediately responded, “It must always be universal if they’re a shooter that they have to use a gun.”

The Post, in the story promoted by its tweet, said there’s a “sure-fire solution” to mass shootings but concluded it’s the one thing that’s “impossible” to address.

“This, to me, is the equivalient of putting Inspector Clouseau on the case to find out what happened, and he reports back to headquarters, ‘There was a man who shot 27 people, and we’ve determined that he used a gun.’ And the inspector’s boss, ‘Brilliant! Brilliant! You’re our best detective,'” Limbaugh said.

He continued, “This is absolutely asinine!”

Following hints from Limbaugh, another caller pointed out that “none of those shooters are NRA members.”

Talk-show host Rush Limbaugh (Photo:

Talk-show host Rush Limbaugh (Photo:

“That’s it! That’s exactly right,” Limbaugh said.

“What does the Drive-By Media try to tell you? That the NRA is murdering people. The NRA is essentially culpable. … The simple fact of the matter is not a single – not nearly, not near, but it is universally true.

“Not one mass shooter has ever been a member of the NRA.”

All you ever needed to know about guns and gun rights – right from the WND Superstore

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