Matt Drudge (Twitter)

Matt Drudge (Twitter)

Internet news giant Matt Drudge is going on the offensive against the Washington Post after the paper reported on Drudge’s publishing of news stories that some might consider to be Russian propaganda.

In a rare tweet on Monday, Drudge said: “I’ve linked to @washingtonpost over 10,000X in 25 years of doing DRUDGEREPORT. I currently give them 37% of their referral traffic, according to It’s a brutal business. Not even a thank you. Instead: YOU’RE A RUSSIAN OPERATIVE!”


The Post analysis Friday blared the headline: “One of the busiest websites in the U.S. in 2016 regularly linked to Russia propaganda.”

It focused on news agencies to which Drudge links stories, such as state-owned Russia Today, InfoWars and Sputnik.

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The Post noted:

“There are probably two reasons that the Drudge Report linked to these sites with regularity. The first is that Drudge’s taste in news often tends toward the more exotic; he clearly understands the sorts of things that people like to read. The other is that Drudge himself seems to share some of the same sense of impending apocalypse and systemic collapse that undergirds a lot of the reports from these sites.

“On more than a third of the days between when Donald Trump announced his candidacy and when he won the presidency, the Drudge Report had a link from Infowars, RT or Sputnik on its homepage by 9 a.m.”

Philip Bump, who authored the Washington Post analysis, stated: “It’s important to contextualize this. From 2014 to 2016, links to Infowars, RT and Sputnik were only a small part of the links on the site. There were far more links to the Post, for example – and to Breitbart.”

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