The “knockout game” is back.

In fact, it never really went away.

It’s when mostly black youth randomly attack pedestrians and knock them unconscious, and it is once again raising fears around the country. In Pittsburgh recently, a woman was brutally assaulted and knocked unconscious. No passerby stopped to help the woman; indeed, some stopped to take “selfies.” The victim was left to lie on the ground until she regained consciousness.

A similar attack occurred soon afterward in New York City, when a 43-year-old man was sucker punched by a teen attacker outside a Shake Shack. The teen reportedly took a selfie with the victim afterward.

The attack was reportedly planned, according to witnesses, as a group threw water and milkshakes at the victim before the attacker delivered the knockout punch. Police also reportedly said the attack was part of a “contest” among a group of teens.

Three black men are also being sought in a “knockout game” assault on a 53-year-old woman in late September.

One of the men reportedly exclaimed, “I’m gonna do it” before hitting the woman, causing swelling and bleeding. A wanted poster with pictures of the three suspects has been distributed by the police, but no arrests have been reported.

Colin Flaherty, the independent reporter who helped expose the “knockout game” through his online videos and his book “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” says it is interesting how the mainstream media no longer denies the existence of this “game.”

“Contrary to what some reporters wish, the ‘knockout game’ is not some organized activity like cribbage,” Flaherty told WND. “There are no rules about saying a certain thing or doing a certain thing.

“When I first started reporting on the knockout game for WND a few years ago, every story about the ‘knockout game’ would carry a reminder that most people thought the game was a myth, a lie, concocted by yours truly for my own nefarious reasons. But what is interesting about the coverage of the recent episodes of this mostly black-on-white violence in the New York and Pittsburgh areas is that these ritual announcements that used to accompany these articles are gone.”

Indeed, the comeback of the “knockout game” is being widely covered by both national and international media:

The “knockout game” is back and you need to educate yourself and your family so you can stay safe. Read the story the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. “White Girl Bleed A Lot” by Colin Flaherty, available NOW from the WND Superstore.

“New York police used to deny the game and these attacks existed,” notes Flaherty. “No more. New York reporters used to deny it. No more. Publications devoted major articles to saying the knockout game was a lie. No more. So, we are seeing the press catch up with what lots and lots of people already know.”

Flaherty says it is important to recognize these attacks are driven by both racial hostility directed by blacks against whites and sometimes simply for the joy of inflicting suffering.

“The knockout game is someone beating the hell of out of someone just for the hell of it,” he said. “If, at the end, someone gets their pockets rifled or loses a cell phone, that is secondary to the joy, the ecstasy, that some folks take in creating violence and mayhem on others.”

Flaherty identifies the “knockout game” as mostly driven by black attackers. However, this is not true in every case. Last month, police in Rosenberg, Texas, reportedly feared the “knockout game” had reached their community after a viral video showed a man being knocked unconscious in an unprovoked attack.

The suspect was a Hispanic man, 18-year-old Alejandro Maldonado.

Still, Flaherty argues the overwhelming majority of attackers in these cases over the past few years are black. He says this should cause Americans to view the eternal victimhood claims of groups like Black Lives Matter with suspicion.

“Black Lives Matter and its allies in the press and among politicians claim blacks are always the relentless victims of white racism, all the time, everywhere, and somehow that explains everything,” said Flaherty.

“But this isn’t true. The answer is close to the opposite. The hard reality is blacks are driving an enormous amount of violent crime and crimes against property in this country and both victims and law enforcement know that. And we should also start recognizing the disturbing pattern in these episodes of joyful violence.”

Luckily, Flaherty believes the Trump administration is going to crack down on such violence because the president is a supporter of law enforcement.

“President Trump has stopped the bleeding in ways we do not even know yet,” Flaherty said. “During the eight years of the Obama presidency, it cannot be over-exaggerated about how every person in that administration saw the world through the lens of white racism victimizing black people. That has now stopped. Some of the overt activities in support of people who hate cops has stopped. I don’t think we’ll be seeing hordes of cop haters chatting up the attorney general at this year’s White House Christmas party.”

The “knockout game” is back and you need to educate yourself and your family so you can stay safe. Read the story the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. “White Girl Bleed A Lot” by Colin Flaherty, available NOW from the WND Superstore.

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