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Rush to Judge Moore: Hire Hillary for 'bimbo eruption'

Rush Limbaugh has some advice for Judge Roy Moore, who was accused in a Washington Post story of dating three teenage girls back in the ’70s in Alabama and taking a 14-year-old to a cabin and inappropriately touching her.

Moore, the GOP candidate for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has flat-out denied the allegations, charging they are a “desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post,” which is owned by a critic of his political ideology.

With tongue in cheek, Limbaugh said: “Judge Moore, you need to go out and you need to hire somebody who has a proven ability to destroy the women and the media coming forward with the allegations. And there is one person that stands above everybody in this regard. Her name is Hillary Clinton.”

Limbaugh said Clinton “not only kept the governor of Arkansas in office, she kept the president of the United States in office.”

“She ran the bimbo-eruptions operation. Any time any woman came forward and alleged sexual improprieties, sexual harassment, rape, what have you, against her own husband, she led the team that destroyed those women. And there still to this day is nobody better. And she’s available. I don’t know if you could afford her. … And I don’t know that she would take the case.”

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Limbaugh said Democrats apply a different standard to accusations against their own.

“When the Democrats have one … you need to produce semen, you need the blue dress, you need transcripts of sexting, you need photos of people sneaking into hotel rooms like John Edwards,” he said. ‘But when the 40-year-old childhood memories of a wacky woman and the Washington Post allege something about a Republican, all hell breaks loose.”

Moore has stated he’s staying in the race and will fight what he’s described as a spiritual war against powers of evil that are attacking him.

But Limbaugh was “marveling” at the sudden respect that the Democratic Party has for women.

“What percentage of Hollywood men who have been accused of sexual harassment are Republican? What percentage? You know, I have the answer. The answer’s a big, fat zero,” he said.

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Limbaugh recalled the attacks by Hillary Clinton’s aides on the women who made claims about her husband, Bill.

When Paula Jones made her claim about Bill Clinton, James Carville said, “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park and you never know what you’ll find.”

“This was during the bimbo-eruption days of the Clinton presidency, and there were no feminist attacks on James Carville, and the liberal feminist or female establishment at the time applauded James Carville because the objective was to destroy all of these women that the Bill Clinton had sexually abused or harassed,” he said.

Limbaugh also cited Democrat John Edwards, who was cheating on his wife “with another woman and that other woman had a baby.’

‘The National Enquirer had the story for months before anybody at the Democrat Party would even acknowledge it, before the drive-by media would even publish it. John Edwards got away with cheating on his wife in public for months because nobody believed the National Enquirer and because nobody wanted to do damage to this great, young future hope of the Democrat Party.”

He continued: “Every Never Trumper alive has come out demanding that Roy Moore step aside based solely on the allegations. They don’t even question the report in the Washington Post. They take the word of a self-admitted mess of a woman and the Washington Post over the judge. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ has flown out the window, and how long has this supposed allegation been known? It happened 40 years ago. Why wasn’t this introduced during the primaries? Notice now that it’s been introduced at a time that even if Judge Moore withdraws, there’s not much they can do but a write-in candidacy for Luther Strange.”

He also recalled the demonstrated ability of Democrats to lie.

“Harry Reid lied to the media about Mitt Romney. Harry Reid called the media in and said friends of his told him, two friends – and he wouldn’t name them – that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years. And the media said, ‘Who are these people? Who are your sources?’ And Harry Reid got mad at ’em. He said, ‘That’s not the story! The sources I have are mine. You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years.

“The media dutifully did, and they went out and started asking Romney and then did stories about the allegation that Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes in 10 years. The whole thing was made up, and when Harry Reid was asked about it after the election, he said, ‘Well, it worked. We won, didn’t we?'”

Moore charged that the Post story was “completely false” and a “desperate” political attack on him.

The Post has endorsed Moore’s Democratic opponent and is owned by Nash Holdings, which belongs to Amazon founder and “open borders champion” Jeff Bezos.

Moore’s campaign said, “This garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation.”

Only last month, another Washington Post report on Moore apparently misfired.

The newspaper accused Moore of not reporting or paying taxes on compensation to which he was entitled but did not receive.

The Foundation for Moral Law, which was paying Moore as its president for the years at issue, said in a statement that all transactions and arrangements were reported fully to the IRS. The foundation then charged the reporters essentially were working on a political hit.

“For the Washington Post to state that Judge Moore secretly ‘collected’ monies he never received or that the Foundation failed to properly report its indebtedness to the IRS is false,” a statement from the foundation charged. “Furthermore, the reporters responsible for the false and misleading articles on the foundation and Judge Moore have written 20 stories, jointly, since last year, 17 of which have been direct attacks on our president and conservative principles.

“Their agenda-driven bias is reflected in the articles on Judge Moore.”

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