Scientists are coming closer and closer to the Bible, as more evidence arises of its accuracy, according to a report in Breaking Israel News.

Science now supports the biblical account of the first man and woman in that it recognizes “Mitrochondrial Eve” and “Y-Chromosomal Adams,” the report said.

BIN reports end times expert Rabbi Pinchas Winston describes the developing scientific view as “signal of redemption.”

“During the exile there was great Hester Panim – a hiding of God’s face,” he told BIN. “As a result the Bible became relegated to the back of man’s consciousness. At the same time, science at first seemed to diverge from religion.

“But since the Torah is the basic fabric of reality it cannot be hidden forever. As the redemption moves forward and the Jews return home, the Bible is coming back to the forefront of man’s consciousness. Along with this we see a growing harmony between science and the Bible. We have even gotten the point where science is now borrowing concepts from the Bible – such as with Mitochondrial Eve.”

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The report explains the scientific view that now is suggesting all humanity has a common ancestry.

“The Torah has always claimed one common ancestor to all humanity as well as creation ex-nilo,” Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman said in the BIN report.

In 1987, the leading science journal Nature published a study investigating humanity’s origins.

“The study researched mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from mother to both daughter and son. Because mitochondrial DNA is only passed on by the mother and never the father, it reveals maternal lineage,” the report said.

“Knowing this, the researchers were able to determine that every human being alive today can trace their ancestry back to a single woman now referred to as ‘Mitochondrial Eve.'”

BIN reported the conclusion now is “generally accepted in the scientific community.”

DNA expert Karl Skorecki told the news publication: “Analysis of mitochondrial DNA of all contemporary humans sampled today indicates that all of the different variations in the sequence of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) trace back, or converge to an original sequence in a given woman. That woman, Mitochondrial Eve, transmitted her mtDNA sequence to her offspring, and over generations slight variations in sequence occurred and accumulated, leading to the diversity of existent sequences in men and women populating the earth today.”

BIN reported: “Ancestral Adam was found in 1995, when a separate study on male ancestry examined the Y-chromosome, passed directly from father to son. Science published the results of a study in which a segment of the Y-chromosome from 38 men from different ethnic groups were analyzed for variation. Their conclusion was that every man alive today actually descended from a single man whom scientists now refer to as ‘Y-Chromosomal Adam.'”

Rob Faw, a master Christian life coach who is a research fellow with the Arthur C. Custance Centre for Science and Christianity, said he analyzed 144 generations of mankind and confirmed a lineage beginning with Adam and Eve and moving onward to Queen Elizabeth II.

James Ussher’s rare “Annals of the World,” hundreds of years ago, calculated a birth date for Adam.

Originally written in Latin, it now has been translated into English and includes more than 10,000 footnotes and 2,500 citations from the Bible and Apocrypha. Ussher, who entered college at 13 and got his master’s at 18, spent more than five years researching and writing.

Ussher traveled throughout Europe to gather information from historical documents, many of which are no longer available.

He used the death of Nebuchadnezzar, a known date, to work backward through the genealogies to determine the age of the earth, at about 6,000 years.

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