Are we the body of Christ? If so, there should be a little more respect for one appendage of the body – those called to serve in politics and confront evil in our culture.

There are, of course, better and worse ways to do this, but let’s look at some recent examples of heroism, people who keep speaking the truth in a powerful way despite continuous slings and arrows.

Unfortunately, some of those attacks come from within the faith. Still, I am so thankful for those who persevere in spite of naysayers.

First on my list would be Franklin Graham. As president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and head of Samaritan’s Purse, his plate is already full and would seemingly satisfy the biblical instruction to “love your neighbor.”

But Franklin Graham has chosen to use his highly influential position to speak out and confront head-on some of the most insidious movements of our day: homosexual activism, Islamic radicalism, men in women’s restrooms and X-rated sex education.

He could have remained mute – as too many Christian leaders are choosing to do – but he has not, and in every case, he has boldly taken very public and controversial stands on marriage, morality, families and American freedom.

I know I speak for thousands of American believers, maybe more, in saying that when I feel discouraged, it’s often Franklin Graham’s clarity and courage that bring me a renewed focus and zeal to remain in this fight.

Creation science isn’t a political issue, some would say. But it is. The presumption that humans have no divine Creator infuses modern culture and is at the decaying root of America’s moral and political implosion. Ken Ham has spent decades confronting this lie in a mighty way.

As founder of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and, most recently, The Ark Encounter, his vision has led to a revival in origin research. Ham did not have to wade into the current culture wars, but this fall he boldly announced that the Ark Encounter park would be lit at night with rainbow colors:

“Sadly, people ignore what God intended the rainbow to represent and proudly wave rainbow-colored flags in defiance of God’s command and design for marriage. Because of this, many Christians shy away from using the rainbow colors. But the rainbow was a symbol of God’s promises before the LGBTQ movement – and will continue to be after that movement has ended. As Christians, we need to take the rainbow back and teach our young people its true meaning.”

In early December, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that may be the Roe v. Wade of this century. The plaintiff is cake artist Jack Phillips, who turned down the request of two men for a homosexual-union cake. By all reports, Phillips is an unassuming but noble husband and father, who honored Christ with his occupation and as a result has spent five years fighting Colorado judiciary misbehavior, harassment by aggressive sexual anarchists and the personal stress his unwitting notoriety has brought. Yet he represents the everyday heroes the Lord raises up for such a time as this.

Bryan Fischer is the radio host for American Family Radio’s “Focal Point” daily afternoon talk show. Bryan covers current political issues with insight and depth and has never shied away from a principled stand, even if it might be unflattering to a few prominent Christians or the Republican Party. He nevertheless speaks as a gentleman and as a compassionate believer, despite unrelenting vicious, baseless and childish attacks from the left.

There are many other leaders whose dedication has made an enormous difference in recent years: Janet Mefferd, Peter Sprigg, Matt Barber, Joseph Farah, Mat Staver, Dr. Scott Lively, Dr. Michael Brown, Peter LaBarbera, Janet Porter, Sandy Rios, David Kupelian, Anne Paulk, Robert Knight, David Fiorazo, Robert Reilly, Diane Gramley, Mark Harrington, Molly Smith and Michael Farris.

I praise God for all of them, for what they have done for America and for the stands they have taken to proclaim and uphold the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is one more name I want to bring up: Judge Roy Moore.

I think he will be exonerated regarding these accusations from decades ago. It’s not certain, of course, and if they turn out to be true, he will be rightfully labeled the latest turncoat hypocrite who publicly professed to be a faithful Christian.

There is one “out” he might get: if these accusations are true, if he publicly confesses wrongdoing, asks for forgiveness, and it is shown such actions were far in the past of a wayward youth and not repeated in recent decades.

But these allegations do not have a ring of truth because of the timing, the sketchy accusers and the age of the accusations. Our culture is replete with whining women (and men) who invent alleged “abuse” and who become even more willing to do so at the prospect of attention and money.

The allegations also lack believability because of the untrustworthy reporting by the petty, rumor-mongering mainstream media, whose slander of conservatives borders on seditious.

What I do know is that Moore’s courage in sticking to constitutional principles has cost him. His brave stand in defending the truth about the illegality of same sex “marriage” was something no other judge in America did. It was a high risk to his career and he still did it.

Who is doing that today? Who is willing to step out and stand up? Very few professing believers.

So we will see if Judge Roy Moore can be added to our list of heroes. My hope is that he can be.

America needs effective, visible believers whose integrity checks out. We need trustworthy warriors for truth and for the faith.

Let’s be deeply grateful this Thanksgiving for the Savior we believe in, and for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are on the front lines as well.

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