Editor’s note: Joseph Farah is leading a tour of Israel through Nov. 13. While he is away, WND is republishing some of his relevant columns from the past.

That’s it! I’ve had it. I’ve been going to Israel for 37 years – regularly.

I’ve taken more than a thousand people with me over the last five years.

I’m taking more than 100 for a weeklong tour this November – and you should really think about coming if you want to understand the real Middle East, the real centrality of Israel to the Christian faith and the real propaganda war the Muslims are winning.

I can hardly contain my anger and frustration at the news that the government of Israel has backed off its plans to screen Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount with metal detectors after terrorists (do I need to say which faith they followed?) murdered, in a cold-blooded ambush, two Arab Druze Israeli-employed policemen before they were gunned down themselves by Israel police. The common-sense plan to start screening Muslims going to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock also followed another terror-murder spree in the town of Halamish, where the assailant, saying he was motivated by the Temple Mount chaos, murdered a 70-year-old grandfather and his middle-aged son and daughter while they sat at their Sabbath table. He also seriously wounded the 68-year-old grandmother.

By the way, in previous column on these attacks, I forgot to mention that the guns the terrorist used to kill the policemen had been previously hidden in the mosque! I also forgot to mention, in my breathlessness to get to the point, that the teenager who conducted the second killing spree is recovering from wounds and has been guaranteed by the Palestinian Authority $3,000 a month for the rest of his life for his attempt to become a “shahid” or martyr.

Let me put this in perspective for you.

Every time I have been permitted to go up the Temple Mount, I’ve had to pass through metal detectors.

Every time a civilian Israeli visits the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, he or she goes through metal detectors for screening.

Every time anyone other than Israeli police and military go up to the Temple Mount, they go through metal detectors – except (are you listening?) Muslims! And they are the only ones who are permitted to pray on the foundation of Solomon’s Temple, which their ancestors deliberately desecrated by building two Islamic shrines.

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Yet who is it that is screaming about harassment, intimidation and discrimination? Muslims! In fact, they are killing people over the installation of metal detectors.

But it gets worse.

Guess who is forbidden from praying on the Temple Mount.

Jews, Christians and any other non-Muslims.

Guess who is under tight restrictions on dress, conduct and even conversation on the Temple Mount.

Jews, Christians and any other non-Muslims.

And the world looks at this and sees anti-Islamic discrimination and harassment.

Did I mention this Temple Mount is located in Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem? Did I mention that the Temple Mount is the holiest site in all of Judaism? (Oh, yes I did.) Did I mention that Christians are attracted to the site because Jesus walked up there, preached up there and prayed up there?

Meanwhile, guess what you have to go through to get to the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

First of all, unless you are a Sunni Muslim, you can’t go at all. But all those who do go through metal detectors. Not really shocking, is it?

However, you don’t see acts of terrorism directed against the mosque for this. You don’t see protests around the world for this. You don’t see clergy of any kind in the Arab world condemning this. It’s only when Israel attempts to defend the assault on human life by Islamic terrorists by screening everyone who goes to Muslim shrines in Jerusalem that you see that kind of reaction.

In addition, there are more than 5,000 surveillance cameras and 100,000 security guards monitoring Mecca during the annual Hajj, which attracts more visitors than any other site in the world annually.

I’m told that most mosques around the world take careful security precautions, often including the use of metal detectors. It makes sense since so many are blown up or attacked by competing sects – Sunni vs. Shia or Shia vs. Sunni.

But there’s one notable exception the Islamic world and their multi-cultural, know-nothing allies insist upon – the Temple Mount.

Who can’t see this scam? Most of the world can’t.

Israel stands shockingly alone in a world gone mad.

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