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WND-20-YearsNov. 4, 2000: One of the defining issues – and perhaps the most strongly felt – in the 2000 presidential election was first brought to light by WND.

Three days before the Nov. 7 election, Jon Dougherty reported that many members of the United States military were unable to vote for their next commander in chief. The issue was one that could affect the election’s outcome.

“The military has a much higher participation [of overall voters] in the voting process” than does the general voting public, a Defense Department spokesman told WND. In the 1996 election, he said 64 percent of service members participated; 40 percent of those were absentee ballots.

After the election, Dougherty continued to probe allegations from service personnel and their families that they either never received asked-for absentee ballots, or got them too late to vote.

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