Berkeley riot police prepare for antifa in August.

Berkeley riot police prepare for antifa in August.

We all have heard it by now.

The planning has been going on since at least August, and the chatter on social media would indicate that antifa, the loosely connected group of anarchists, communists and other splinter groups angry at the outcome of last year’s presidential election, has something big planned for Saturday, Nov. 4.

Depending on where you choose to get your information, one can find descriptions for what is planned that vary from an attempt to spark civil war, to a massive outbreak of peaceful protests filled with well-behaved hippies holding signs signifying their common hatred of America’s 45th president. They will “drive him out,” they say, and he “must go,” because they have “had enough” and “this nightmare must end.”

But beyond the angry statements the group organizing the protests gives very little detail on how this grand exit of the Trump administration might play out.

The organizer of the so-called “antifa” protests for Nov. 4 is

So what does the organizer itself say about how protesters should conduct themselves?

We searched their website and while we could find no outright calls for violence. But it seems fair to point out that the group makes no concerted effort on its website to emphasis peaceful rallies. In the absence of an explicit call for peaceful marches, is it not reasonable to assume that some people could interpret phrases like “drive them out of power” as a call to violence?

The group’s Nov. 4 protest page explaining its “methods” says nothing about peace or striving to remain peaceful.

Click on the Nov. 4 “PLEDGE” page at and it is loaded with angry rants about how the “Trump/Pence regime must go,” and there are many accusations, but again, no mention of remaining peaceful in the attempt to drive this regime from power.

antifaposterThe pledge card that protesters are asked to sign is a call to “action.”  Pledge members are given two options: One says “I personally endorse the Call for November 4” and the other says “My organization endorses the Call to Action for November 4.”

Again, no detailed explanation of what this call to action requires and no explicit declaration that violence will not be tolerated.

If such a declaration is somewhere, hiding in small print, we could not find it, and that was after spending a good amount of time on the website. We did find lots of angry words meant to stir up hatred, spark division, and call for some vague “action.”

Christianity is the ultimate enemy

The Revolutionary Communist Party, which is heavily involved in the antifa movement, leaves no confusion about who it sees as the ultimate enemy – it is traditional, biblical Christianity and the Christians who elected Trump/Pence.

Andy Zee, spokesman for Revolution Books, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party and a member of the advisory board of Refuse Fascism, describes it this way:

“Pence is now the political leader of a theocratic Christian fundamentalism — that we should more accurately call Christian fascism. Decades in the making, the roots of this are gone into extensively in The Truth About Right-Wing Conspiracy… And Why Clinton and the Democrats Are No Answer and The Coming Civil War, both by Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party and architect of the new synthesis of communism.”

Zee further writes that something more than the “normal” protest may be needed to rid the country of Trump.

“There is a break with what have been the norms we confront, and to deal with this there must be a break with the ‘normal’ ways people seek change from government. The normal forms of petition and protest DO NOT APPLY with Trump — even as they have been difficult enough under the normal functioning of this system.”

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Carl Gallups, a former law enforcement officer turned Baptist minister who has authored several books about Bible prophecy, said he is praying for God’s protection over the protests and for peace to reign over a potentially explosive situation this weekend in U.S. cities.

Here are the cities where antifa rallies are scheduled.

He said the spiritual forces behind these kinds of threats and activities are not healthy for any nation.

“The Bible is clear that in the days before the return of the Lord there will be increasing activities of hatred, violence, and terror,” Gallups told WND. “Sadly and shamefully these elements are becoming increasingly more apart of America’s new normal.”

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The current age is marked by deception, he said. All who present themselves as spiritual shepherds or leaders are not what they seem.

“Since the founding of our nation there has always been an element lurking in the background desiring to keep America in its place among the other nations of the world. These factions manifest in a multiplicity of ways,” he said. “The extreme left, radical agendas, out-and-out communism, racial division and discord, and now antifa. They all have as their foundational source the Prince of Darkness and the father of all lies.”

The United States is the largest Christian nation the planet has ever seen, and many on the left see that as an obstacle to their agenda of  global governance, Gallups said.

He also sees a spirit of “lawlessness” on the march.

And with Christianity weakened both in numbers [fewer Americans regularly attend church services than at any point in history],  and in fervency, its uncertain whether God’s people are prepared for what’s coming.

“The spirit of lawlessness and abject hatred for all things biblical is settling heavy over our land,” Gallups said. “If there ever was a time for the body of truly redeemed believers to awaken in prayer and worship and the bold proclamation of the Gospel, it is now.”

Possible false flags on the horizon?

There has been conjecture that some of the elements within antifa may decide to dress up as Trump supporters and violently lash out at peaceful protesters.

Violence, and confusion over the source of the violence, often leads to more violence. The Reichstag fire in Berlin, which Hitler blamed on the communists when it was actually ignited by his own supporters, is just one example of this.

Clare Lopez, vice president of research and analysis for the Center for Security Policy, is one who believes antifa will be hoping to spark some kind of violent backlash this weekend from the right.

“The intent of these Saul Alinsky-type anarchists is definitely to instigate violence, especially against local law enforcement, but also against anyone perceived by them to oppose communist totalitarianism and stand in defense of the U.S. Constitution,” Lopez said.

These groups attempt to smear everyone who is not socialist or communist as a fascist, she said. There is no middle ground for them.

“The objective is to create such chaos in the streets that law and order will break down,” Lopez said. “Out of the resulting disorder, these groups and their Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter allies each hopes to seize the initiative to impose its own brand of tyranny, whether communist, black separatist or Islamic.”

While these ideologies may seem quite disparate, they actually have more in common than one might think, she said.

“The Black Lives Matter movement was founded by self-avowed communists. The top leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political umbrella group, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), are publicly aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement and also are represented at the upper level of Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) organization,” Lopez said.

Lopez sees the Hegelian dialectical agenda of thesis-antithesis-synthesis as “Saul Alinsky meets the Management of Savagery” (a 2004 document posted online by an al-Qaida operative, describing how to manage the savagery of societal breakdown to the advantage of the Islamic Movement).

“Tactics and ultimate strategy are similar in ways we need to understand,” she said. “This is a local-level insurgency by a Red-Green Axis of revolutionary forces dedicated to the overthrow of the U.S. government and rule of law under the Constitution.”

When confronted by the mainstream media,, tries to make an attempt to tamp down any expectations of violent uprising on Nov. 4, so it’s not like they are outright calling for violence. But if you look at statements of some of the people on’s own board of advisors, you find conflicting messages.

In a Newsweek article, a RefuseFascism activist and professor at University of Southern California, claims the group has no intention of doing any such thing. And any indications that violence is planned is just part of the “right wingers” whipping up conspiracies against the group.

Perry Hoberman, a professor at the University of Southern California who is a member of the advisory board, told Newsweek the idea is to mobilize people to hit the streets in a peaceful demonstration against Trump’s administration. Hoberman says it has nothing to do with starting another American civil war.

“Right wingers will spin anything into anything,” Hoberman says of the civil war conspiracy. “It’s just an attempt to smear anyone who isn’t a fascist.”

A favorite tactic for the left is to accuse opponents of the same strategy they themselves employ, so Hoberman’s comment to Newsweek is telling.

More than likely, the protests will come and go without anything resembling a civil war.

Antifa still lacks numbers, training for war

Tom Knighton of observes that “peaceful” for antifa has in the past meant starting fires, breaking windows, and hitting people with bicycle locks.

The groups members routinely use provocations to drive wedges, wearing shirts and holding signs with such slogans as “Make America Mexico Again!” and “America was Never Great” while depicting President Trump as the American Adolf Hitler.

But when it comes to starting a civil war, they’re not there yet, says Knighton:

“Yes, Andy Zee appears to call for something more than protests, but he’s also just one person. Is he the almost obligatory communist hothead calling for revolution, or is he a critical part of Refuse Fascism’s regime? From here, it’s hard to tell. What isn’t difficult to tell is that while he may believe that something more is called for in dealing with Donald Trump, his fellow travelers lack any real means to accomplish that.

“They lack the numbers, the training, or the logistics to overthrow the United States government, especially since the vast majority of the military, police, and private gun owners oppose everything they stand for. What’s more, it’s unlikely they don’t know that since all three are objects of scorn amongst that crowd.

“That said, if you’re in a city where one of these protests is taking place, it pays to remain vigilant. Even if Refuse Fascism is steadfast and heartfelt in their desire for the protest to remain non-violent, it doesn’t mean that desire is shared by all who will take part. All it takes is one spark to turn a tense but peaceful protest into an all-out riot, so be careful.

“It’s unlikely there will be any attempt at a civil war on Nov. 4, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get ugly enough without it.”

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