Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Back in the 1980s, WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah was thankful for Ronald Reagan, a president who pulled America out of the malaise of the Carter years, restored Americans’ hope and renewed the world’s faith in the United States as a “shining city on a hill.”

But things went downhill following Reagan’s tenure.

Then Donald Trump entered the White House this January and electrified the country like not even Reagan had done.

“I’m even more thankful than I was then, in the ’80s, when Ronald Reagan was around,” Farah said in an interview this week on “The Alex Jones Show.” “You know, for me, I thought we’d never see his likes again. What we’re seeing right now is even more exciting. Trump is a man of action, he’s a man of courage, he cannot be deterred, he doesn’t care what people say about him.”

Farah marveled at Trump’s many accomplishments in his first 10-plus months in office, which WND is tracking and compiling in a BIG LIST.

“We have not seen anything like this in our lifetimes,” Farah told Jones. “I mean, I was around for Reagan. In fact, Reagan was the guy, the personality, who took me from the far left to being a constitutional, limited government kind of guy. That’s what Reagan did for me, but what Trump is doing in his first year, the accomplishments are greater, they’re more stunning. I’m just amazed at how much he’s doing. He’s taken us completely off defense. He’s on offense all the time.”

However, Trump’s boldness has faced serious opposition from the Democratic Party, the establishment media, the deep state, billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, Hollywood, and many establishment Republicans.

“We can have a pity party, Alex Jones and Farah, about all the people who have attacked us and opposed us all along,” Farah said. “It’s nothing compared to what Trump is facing.”

If only there was a way ordinary Americans could thank Trump for all he has done and encourage him to continue doing great things for the country, Farah thought. That’s why the WND founder launched the Thank Trump Card Campaign at

This unique campaign allows users to send a digital thank-you card to President Trump free of charge. Participants simply go to, select one of nine e-card designs, type a personalized message if desired and click “Submit.” Jones complimented Farah on the cards, calling them “Norman Rockwell stuff” and “very beautiful.”

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Farah explained WND worked with the White House to ensure there was a path to get the cards to Trump.

“We should be thanking this guy every day for what he is accomplishing,” Farah declared.

Jones, whose InfoWars website ran a story on the campaign this week, said Americans should be thankful they dodged a bullet in the 2016 election.

“We’d better thank our lucky stars,” Jones said. “The Supreme Court we’ve got, what’s happened with the economy, all of it – they planned to sew it all up when Hillary got in – the censorship, the control.”

He added: “The answer is to get everybody doing what [WND] and Joseph Farah have done, and that’s what’s going to cause a hydrogen bomb explosion of thankfulness.”

More than 12,000 Americans have sent Trump a thank-you card on so far. The most popular card has been a spiritually themed one that reads, “Praying for your continued success! May the Lord bless you and keep you.” Forty-three percent of participants have chosen that card design.

“This is not a Joseph Farah show; it’s not a WND show,” Farah said. “This is really about the wonderful, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we have to change our country fundamentally because of the election in 2016.”

Jones enthusiastically threw his support behind the campaign.

“I agree we should get this to him, get it to all his emails, his Twitter, everywhere, Paul Watson should tweet it at him, Drudge should hopefully, but the bigger thing here is I believe everybody should just share these memes, period, so we just all publicly thank the president on Facebook, Twitter, Google, our own emails,” the host said. “Everybody should just grab these. I’m going to tweet some of these images as well, just as an understanding of what we’ve accomplished, what’s already happened, because again, the liberty movement, you, your readers, your listeners, Drudge’s, everybody together – this is all our shared victory, and it shows what we can do when we finally get off the porch.”

Jones posed a question to his audience: What would the country be like if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election? Farah said it was unthinkable, which is why Americans should be grateful they have Trump in the White House.

“We may never see this again,” Farah warned. “We may never live for an opportunity of this kind, and that’s why I’m here talking about it, because it’s important. He needs encouragement, he needs support, he needs it in public, and that;s what this campaign is about.”

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