Women To Look Up To's Hillary Clinton Christmas Tree Topper

Women To Look Up To’s Hillary Clinton Christmas Tree Topper

Kwanzaa is so passé.

For those still traumatized by the 2016 election, “Resistmas” is the alternative celebration this first Christmas of the Donald Trump era, and it comes complete with a $900 Christmas tree topper featuring runner-up Hillary Clinton.

The newly released ornament, made by U.K.-based nonprofit Women to Look Up To, is one of a trio of “bada– women” honored by the organization in 2017. The other two, tennis player Serena Williams and entertainer Beyoncé, were offered earlier, but, according to the company, the third – Hillary Clinton – was chosen based on a popular vote by visitors to the website.

Not exactly Mount Rushmore, but at least an election Hillary could finally win.

“Every Christmas we place a ‘topper’ […] made of no more than plastic and glitter on top of trees. For many, she has lost her meaning, which is why Women To Look Up To have created a range of modern female role models to place on top instead,” reads the website.

“In 2017 make your Christmas tree angel-fairy topper an inspiring kicka– woman worthy of wings and celebration – a Serena, a Beyoncé or a woman voted for by you.

“3D-sculpted to order from the highest grade plaster, our Angel Christmas Tree Toppers come in a range of sizes to suit your home, office or event Christmas tree. We ship your order insured, tracked and signed for anywhere in the world.

“They aren’t any old Christmas tree toppers. They are ‘Women To Look Up To.'”

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Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton – even as a tree topper – doesn’t come cheap. The high-grade sculpture is being sold for between $100 and $950, depending on tree size.

While this might be the perfect gift for the Democrat on anyone’s Christmas list, Republicans feeling left out can have a tree-topper angel made to order of anyone, provided that person comes to the organization’s London studio for a 3-D scanning.

Critics of Trump’s victory – who, fittingly with the season, have been dubbed “snowflakes” by conservatives – have started the #Resistmas movement on social media.

The nonprofit promises Hillary – in “her iconic power suit with angelic wings” – will be “the most presidential of tree toppers.”

“She’s the first lady of Christmas tree decorations.”

Touting Clinton’s roles as presidential candidate, secretary of state and first lady, she is called “a woman steeped in successes, but not deterred by failure.”

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Needless to say, social media weighed in on Hillary’s latest honor.

“OMG, she’s wearing the white pantsuit she wore in the third debate with Trump. Looks like the Pillsbury doughboy with wings,” commented Gayle Love on Fox News.

“It will fall over and have to be carried into the van,” warned Curtis Brown.

“Remove the wings, add horns, pitch fork and a tail,” said a Twitter user, to which a responder added, “Now you are embarrassing the devil.”

“Put this on your tree & when you wake up Christmas morning you’ll find a reindeer who ‘committed suicide’ on your front lawn, and 20% of your Christmas presents will have been sold to the Russians.”

“Guaranteed to scare off Santa.”

“Just like the real Hillary it’s overpriced, entirely artificial, smells of eggnog and can’t quite reach the ceiling. Available where her book ’50 Shades of Blame’ is sold.”

Women To Look Up To offers Christmas cards featuring "angels" Michelle Obama and "Hillary Clinton"

Women To Look Up To offers Christmas cards featuring “angels” Michelle Obama and “Hillary Clinton”

Can’t afford the pricey tree topper? Not to worry — Women to Look Up To have a line of Christmas cards featuring Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama as angels. Purchasers are encouraged to “take the time and effort to write messages of empowerment and gratitude to the women we love.”

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