It would be one media company to rule them all.

Wall Street analysts are frenzied in anticipation of a likely deal between Fox and Disney in which Disney would acquire a major portion of 21st Century Fox Inc. and Rupert Murdoch’s son James would take a senior position at Disney.

The possible deal means the Murdoch empire could one day take over Disney itself.

Bloomberg reports the deal is coming within days, leading to a possible anti-trust case.

As The Atlantic notes, such a deal would merge the largest and third largest movie studios, creating an entertainment behemoth.

Fox would remain as an independent entity, as Fox Sports, Fox News and Fox Business would remain with its current company. CNBC reports Fox would also keep its local affiliates.

The main objective would be for Disney to add Fox’s entertainment networks to its holdings, allowing the company to more effectively compete with the likes of Warner Brothers. It would also create the potential for lucrative crossover films such as “The Avengers” confronting “The X-Men.” The massive comic-book movie franchises that have been driving the film industry could become even more elaborate.

The deal could also have political ramifications. As Rubert Murdoch would benefit from such a deal, some analysts believe it would embolden him to act out more forcefully in political matters, pushing the Wall Street Journal and Fox News to back President Trump.

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