The story of Jesus Christ raising Lazarus from the dead is one of the most dramatic in the New Testament. Yet, almost as amazing as bringing a man back to life after four days in the grave is the authorities’ reaction to this astonishing miracle: It made them want to kill Jesus.

This cosmic irony – of genuine godliness inspiring loathing and violence – has been reflected throughout the world ever since. Christianity inspired hostility from the beginning; not only was Jesus crucified, but 11 of the 12 apostles were martyred. Today, sincere followers of Jesus Christ are under attack everywhere, not only in lands dominated by religions and governments hostile to Christianity, but increasingly in those parts of the world historically home to, and founded by, Christians.

Think of it. The most transcendent way of life a man or woman can embrace on this earth – one that commands not only that you love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself, but that you love your enemies, “bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you” – is cursed, hated and persecuted.

This persecution shows up in a broad spectrum of ways. In the United States it is, as a rule, far less overt and brutal than overseas, taking the form of censorship, demonization and criminalization – for example, the never-ending prosecutions of Christian businesses and individuals (including the jailing of a Christian county clerk) for being unwilling to actively participate in homosexual weddings. Then there are the ubiquitous assaults on Christian expression in the public square and within our public schools and armed forces, and the ongoing destruction of Christian memorials, crosses, nativity scenes and the like, and even the recent equating of Christianity with white supremacism and the open mockery of prayer.

Of course, in much of the rest of the world no such subtlety or restraints exist, with scores of nations persecuting, torturing, enslaving and slaughtering Christians daily. By every measure, Christian persecution – and even more fundamentally, fear and loathing of biblical Christianity – is growing worldwide, even in the once-Christian West, including Europe, the United Kingdom and North America.

The most recent manifestation within the U.S. has been the appalling church shooting massacres, including September’s church shooting in Tennessee and November’s mass-murder in rural Texas when a militant atheist, calling believers “stupid,” slaughtered 26 believers and injured dozens more.

Around the world, sums up Open Doors, a ministry serving the needs of the persecuted faithful, “Christians are being persecuted in more countries and in more ways than ever before.”

Why is this happening?

That is the topic that is explored in a bold, meaningful and powerfully faith-enhancing way in the very special December 2017 issue of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “LIGHT VS. DARKNESS: The global war on Christians.”


Highlights of “LIGHT VS. DARKNESS: The global war on Christians” include:

  • “Why Christians are persecuted: Since Jesus walked the earth, war has raged between light and darkness” by David Kupelian
  • “Kim’s rogue nuclear regime hides torment of Christians: Worship restricted to adoration of North Korea’s ‘eternal president'” by Art Moore
  • “Trump adviser chronicles testimonies of today’s Christian martyrs: ‘It’s only when your faith costs you something that you realize how valuable it is'” by Art Moore
  • “Persecution is always right around the corner: How the Obama administration conspired to end religious liberty” by Joseph Farah
  • “Muslims kill 48 Christians, scatter hundreds: ‘Every one of us ran to save his life'” by Art Moore
  • “The Polish pray for protection from Islamic invasion: At least some Europeans are striving mightily to maintain their Christian values and culture” by Jerry Newcombe
  • “Texas church nightmare could happen anywhere: Small congregations across U.S. are at risk, says experts” by Leo Hohmann
  • “Why church shootings and other horrors are occurring more often: ‘What is driving astronomical numbers of us to suicide, drug abuse, addiction and other self-destructive behaviors?'” by David Kupelian
  • “American Christians’ alarming choice: Betray faith or close your businesses: ‘These laws are telling people to either toe the line or get out of the marketplace'” by Greg Corombos
  • “Federal judges side with atheists ‘offended’ by Christian cross: ‘This veterans memorial has stood in honor of the fallen for almost 100 years'” by Bob Unruh
  • “Catholic school removes Jesus statues to be ‘more inclusive’: 167-year-old California institution fears ‘alienating’ students, aims to help them discover ‘their own truth'”
  • “Church: Out with George Washington, in with ‘mother’ God: Feminist priests can’t tolerate memorial to ‘father of our country'” by Leo Hohmann
  • “Why so much hatred against Christians in America: ‘There is an increasing, palpable hostility toward the gospel in some quarters, and it can easily be explained'” by Michael Brown, Ph.D.
  • “Many Muslims turning to Jesus in the Middle East and Europe: ‘God is doing a mighty work among them'”

“Persecution is an extremely tough subject,” said Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “but this issue of Whistleblower is also very inspirational and faith-enhancing. Everything we most admire about the genuine Christian – his selflessness, courage, faith and genuine love and concern for others, even for those persecuting him – is everywhere evident in the stories told here.”

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Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author and teacher, and director of the documentary “End Times Eyewitness,” presents this powerful new film, “The Global Jesus Revolution,” showing how present-day world events, particularly throughout the Middle East, are clearly falling into alignment with the words of the biblical prophets concerning the last days.

But far more important than merely knowing about the end times is knowing what the followers of Jesus should be doing about it. What are the primary issues that the Church must focus on in light of all that is now unfolding throughout the nations?

In “The Global Jesus Revolution,” Richardson looks out across the Middle East and across the earth. He explores and examines the exponential rise of protests, riots and full-blown political revolutions. Richardson says, “I am thoroughly convinced that if the Church is to fulfill its primary mandate in these days, then so also do we need a revolution within the Church.”

Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Harbinger,” says: “In the world there are all kinds of revolutions throughout history: French revolution, American revolution. Communist revolutions, Islamic revolutions. Of course they never really bring the answer because the (real) issue is sin.”

“The Global Jesus Revolution” reveals that the only proper response to the political revolutions, social upheaval, civil wars and outright chaos unfolding throughout the nations is a much greater spiritual revolution among the disciples of Jesus. Cahn explains: “You look at the beginning. You have twelve believers and ultimately they change the world. They change, they affect politics, and culture, and world history itself. But it happens through an upper room. It happens through prayer. It happens through the presence of God and it happens through people seeking God.”

Find out from these leaders how the “The Global Jesus Revolution” is being manifested across the globe:

  • Jonathan Cahn, Messianic rabbi and bestselling author of “The Harbinger,” emphasizes the importance of the Prayer Movement.
  • Daniel Lim, Indonesian deacon, explains the prayer towers his church erected to bless the enemy that persecutes them.
  • Chris Mitchell, CBN Middle East bureau chief talks about the 24-7 houses of prayer around the world that are the “rudder of history.”
  • Jesse Digges, missionary to Uganda, describes how the early Church was birthed in continual prayer, and after Pentecost the prayer meeting kept right on going.
  • Egyptian pastor Dr. Sameh Maurice extols the Christian movement in Egypt and the draw of tens of thousands.
  • Iranian pastor Ali details the Spirit’s movement inside Iran with all-night prayer and fasting.

This film is a blueprint, a manifesto for that revolution. It’s a revolution called “The Global Jesus Revolution.”

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