Walt Disney World's new 'President Trump' animatronic (Photo: Twitter)

Walt Disney World’s new ‘President Trump’ animatronic (Photo: Twitter)

When news broke Tuesday that Walt Disney World has added a “President Trump” robot to its Hall of Presidents, Twitter users vowed they had seen that eerily familiar face before.

But not on The Donald.

No, Disney’s animatronic president clearly began as Hillary Clinton, they claimed.

Disney's animatronic of 'President Trump' actually looks like Hillary Clinton, say Twitter users (Photo: Twitter/Jolly Old Saint Mick)

Disney’s animatronic of ‘President Trump’ actually looks like Hillary Clinton, say Twitter users (Photo: Twitter/Jolly Old Saint Mick)

“I see Hillary with a toupee,” tweeted Jared Summers. “I mean am I wrong? Wouldn’t surprise me if they had ordered Hillary anticipating a win and then slapped Trump hair on her to save money.”

Twitter user John Barton had a similar thought: “The Trump Hall of Presidents animatronic looks like Disney thought, ‘Yeah Hillary’s a shoe-in’ and then when Trump won they were like, ‘We don’t have time to make a new one. Just use Hillary’s face!”


Watch the full speech from Disney’s “President Trump” animatronic in the Hall of Presidents:

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Thousands of comments flooded in all day, with many suggesting the face resembles Clinton more than it does Trump:

  • “Anyone else think Disney’s animatronic Trump, kind of looks like they thought Hillary was going to win and they had to adjust it half way through making it?” – Shane
  • “OK, who else thinks Disney had the Hillary animatronic all ready to go and then just said, ‘Screw it, put a Trump wig on it. It’ll be fine’?” – J. Bluebonnet Williams
  • “I didn’t notice how much this Trump animatronic looked like Hillary until I saw it from the side view. It looks like they just combed Hillary’s hair different and gave her fuzzy eyebrows. Clearly they planned for this robot to be Hillary and just didn’t want to make a new one.” – Miranda MAGA
  • “It really, really does look like an HRC face repurposed into a Trump animatronic robot.” – Jeff B/DDHQ
  • “Yeah, the resemblance to Dollary Clump is amazing.” – SecretGhostChampion
  • “I can’t tell if Disney is proud of this or simply trolling.” – Susan Szilagyi
  • “That doesn’t even look like Trump at all.” – It’s Only Words
  • “That is totally Hillary Clinton.” – Andrew
  • “100%” – Gissur Simonarson
  • “Disturbing.” – Scott Whitlock
  • “Oh s–t, you’re right! Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!” – Judge Holden Caulfield

Buzzfeed’s Jesse McLaren tweeted an image of the “President Trump” animatronic dressed in a Hillary Clinton frock:


Twitter user Gladstone tweeted this side-by-side image of Trump, Clinton and the Disney robot:


Even Red State’s Brandon Morse observed: “The statue has [Trump’s] hair, his posture, and even his hand movements down … but his face looks very off. Like it was originally supposed to be feminine and was melted and morphed so that it looked more masculine. … To me, this looks more like Hillary Clinton aged into her 80s put on a Donald Trump wig.”

WND contacted Walt Disney World to ask if the Disney team had originally begun constructing a”President Hillary Clinton” animatronic before the robot was morphed into “President Trump.” But WND’s requests for comment hadn’t been returned at the time of this report.

The Hall of Presidents exhibit was closed in January before Trump’s inauguration. It was expected to reopen on June 30, but the opening was delayed for another six months. The exhibit is still closed for maintenance, but the new video of “President Trump” was released by Disney as a sneak peek before the reopening.


Even news organizations doubted the robot’s likeness to President Trump:

  • “Disney World Adds Trump Animatronic Figure, But Likeness Is Lacking” – National Public Radio
  • “‘Creepy’ Donald Trump robot at Disney’s Hall of Presidents freaks fans out: ‘He looks awful'” – International Business Times
  • “Disney’s animatronic Donald Trump is the robot president of your nightmares” – TODAY

However, Twitter user Kate Hyde offered incontrovertible video evidence that the animatronic actually is Hillary Clinton:

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