I have written and talked about this on my show on RadioAmerica.com and in prior columns. Our United States attorney general, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, has not been present at my once-proud alma mater, the U.S.. Department of Justice. Instead – save for his abolitionist tendencies toward sanctuary cities and marijuana, and given his confused if not “spaced out” behavior one ironically has to wonder what the AG smokes on his free time – he has been absent when it comes to enforcing the rule of law against those who believe as if they are above the law thanks to their status and power among the political elite. I am talking about the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, former FBI Directors James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and a host of others who feel license to do as they please when it comes to respecting the ethics expected of the rest of us.

Previously, I opined that Sessions’ inexplicable failure to testify completely and honestly to Congress about his meetings with the Russian ambassador during the presidential campaign – a fact that was harmless in any event – and his being a subject of Special Counsel Mueller’s criminal investigation over his role in the firing of Comey were the reasons why the AG has been on the defensive and thus buried his head in the sand about Democratic and Clinton corruption. While many have called on him to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the previously cooked Clinton email FBI investigation, and now the Fusion GPS and Uranium One scandals, Sessions has stubbornly refused to do so. He has also abdicated his responsibility to review the corrupt political prosecution of my client Cliven Bundy, his sons and other defendants in an ongoing trial that is rife with now irrefutably documented prosecutorial misconduct by his acting U.S. Attorney and staff in Las Vegas, Nevada. Find out more at www.clivenbundydefensefund.org.

Now, the primary reason for Session’s cowardly inaction has finally hit me. We now know that the phony Fusion GPS dossier, which Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid millions to gin up, was used by Comey to wiretap and otherwise illegally spy on the Trump Tower, the campaign and the transition. We also have just learned that Comey’s “Siamese twin,” Special Counsel Robert Mueller, has surreptitiously obtained all of the emails of the Trump transition team. Without a doubt, contained on these wiretaps, illegal unmasking of overseas communications under the pretext of section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the transition emails snatched from the server of the General Services Administration, are the communications of Sessions, as a top Trump transition member, with the president and/or even Russian officials. While there is nothing per se illegal about any such communications, with the “witch hunt” atmosphere created by the Democrats and leftist media, Sessions obviously feels vulnerable to the fear of possible impeachment from his job if the Democrats seize power in 2018, as well a a contrived potential indictment by Mueller and his conflicted pro-Clinton/Obama/leftist prosecutorial staff.

So when most conservative pundits on Fox News and some other right-leaning media feign ignorance about the reasons Sessions has buried his head in the breast of Lady Justice – a condition with some humor in today’s sexual harassment “Salem Witch Trial” environment – they are just being intentionally naïve so as not to offend our nation’s top law enforcement officer, save for President Trump himself.

It is time for the public to wake up and demand that either our attorney general snap out of his cowardly malaise, or seek new employment. And, if Sessions continues to refuse to do all of his job, the president would be totally justified in moving him to a Justice Department field office in Siberia and replacing him with someone like yours truly, who is unafraid of the political legal establishment now headed by Mueller and his venomous friends in the leftist media. Go to www.freedomwatchusa.org to sign the petition and support my removal of Mueller and my appointment as a second special counsel to investigate the Clintons.

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