Dr. Savage: Is it ‘very Christian’ to disregard truth?

By Alan Keyes

Judging by the arguments he has had with non-religious, atheistic and even Satanistic callers, I had reached the conclusion that Michael Savage was someone who believes in God as the ruler of all Creation, as befits his Jewish heritage. I would also have said that he is not ignorant of the fact that Christians believe in Jesus Christ, as the Word made flesh to offer redemption to humanity. Those discussions also appear to warrant the conclusion that Mr. Savage is an intelligent person, who may in fact deserve the title “Doctor,” which signifies the diligent use of that intelligence to inform his mind by way of reason, according to God’s will for human nature.

Then I read the following passage from an article he wrote about the outcome of the recent election for U.S. senator in Alabama (which, like Judge Roy Moore and many others, I suspect to be tainted by fraud):

“The people of Alabama decided that he was a hypocrite whether they knew these allegations were true or false; it didn’t matter to a certain point. What mattered was the number of accusations. The electorate decided they didn’t want anyone as tainted as him in office. Alabama is a very Christian, very conservative state, which left voters with a moral conundrum rather than a political one.”

The allegations to which Mr. Savage refers were the result of a Washington Post story deceitfully contrived to lend credence to statements alleging that, some decades ago, Roy Moore committed an infamous crime. Prior to that story, Judge Moore was rightly regarded as a faithful member of the living body of Christ. He won this reputation by repeatedly bearing sacrificial witness to the truth and moral supremacy of God’s written and Incarnate Word, as befits a follower of Jesus Christ. Yet Mr. Savage contends that Alabama is to be regarded as a “very Christian” state even though – on the unreasonable assumption that the purported outcome of the election is not the result of deceit and fraud – the Alabama electorate rejected the evidence of good faith that Christ instructs his followers to take most seriously.

Mr. Savage opines that “the people of Alabama decided that he was a hypocrite whether they knew these allegations were true or false. …” But Christ, to the contrary, repeatedly and harshly condemns as hypocrites the Scribes and Pharisees who rejected and condemned him despite the contrary evidence of his actions. As for the truthfulness of witnesses, Christ did not say his followers should trust in their words alone, however plausible they may appear. He directed us to look for their fruits. In the case of the witnesses against Roy Moore, the plainly intended fruit of their testimony was to discredit someone who has borne self-sacrificial witness to God’s written and Incarnate Word, in order to prefer to a position of authority in government someone who insists that the force of law should be abused to enforce acceptance of actions the Bible repeatedly makes clear that God hates.

Unlike Mr. Savage, people instructed by the example of Christ would never say that indifference to truth and an election based on that indifference is “an affirmation of Christian values.” Those who truly revere Christ remember that he was crucified in consequence of just such an election, by a Roman prefect whose name therefore became a shameful byword for indifference to truth, everywhere the Cross of Christ is upheld in worship.

Also, unlike Mr. Savage, people instructed by the example of Christ would never dismiss what “small fry” have to say. For they remember that the worship of Christ depended on Apostles and disciples, at first pitiably few in number, whom the world savagely disesteemed as lowly and of no account. But those whom the world despised God “magnified … exalted … filled with good things.” These things are not to be understood according to the standard of the world’s desires, but according to the standard of God’s will, which is the substance of right and justice for humanity, as for the whole of all Creation.

So, unlike Mr. Savage, I cannot pretend that a deceit-corrupted election, bearing fruit that God abhors and condemns, must be taken as a true sign of anything at all about the quality of Christian faith in Alabama. But if the irrational conclusions Mr. Savage draws from that fallacious election are any indication, I am willing, as one Doctor to another who claims that title, to question whether, in his judgment about the late election, he is speaking as a Doctor, or as one who, in departing from the path of rational knowledge that title implies, acts without benefit of the learning that substantiates its worth.

What learned person would conclude that numbers are more important than truthfulness when it comes to judging empirical facts? For those who revere their ideology or ambition more than truth are likely to conceal, fabricate, or falsify numbers and other evidence, as do the would-be tyrants whose quest for totalitarian government power leads them to peddle the ideology of catastrophic man-made climate change. To the same end anti-Christ forces in America manipulate ignorant passion to foment a mob mentality. In this they most resemble the racist mobs, cloaked in darkness, that once elected to hang black Americans in Alabama and elsewhere, though they were guilty of nothing more or less than exercising their natural right to be as God made them to be.

The people who engineered the deceitful election in Alabama induced an outcome that exactly corresponds to such mob rule. Though Mr. Savage takes this as a valid sign of Christian faith, I take it as an outcome that betrays – in its means, its intent and its predictably evil consequences – the Christian insights that inform the understanding of justice and rights that has, until lately, informed America’s goodwill. This betrayal is fair warning of the open and final demise of the self-government of the American people, which is inevitable unless and until people of good faith prevail upon this nation to return to the premises of God’s authority without which its rightful liberty cannot endure.

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