(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

A former CIA analyst who now advises from his post as senior vice president for policy and programs at the Center for Security Policy says the “Russian investigation” is just a bunch of fabrications – and President Donald Trump should just pardon anyone involved and be done with it.

Fred Fleitz appeared on Fox News this week to explain his inside-the-Beltway take on the so-called Russian “dossier” about Donald Trump, Robert Mueller’s agenda and more.

“The Democrats paid for this dossier, the purpose of which was to set off an FBI investigation,” he explained. “The Trump campaign is made up of outsiders. They’re likely to get caught up in this investigation. After all, when Michael Flynn talked to the FBI, he didn’t have an attorney with him,” he said.

“These last-minute policy decisions by the Obama administration to sanction the Russians? I think it was bait,” he continued, citing Obama’s bottom-of-the-ninth decisions to act against Russia, just as the Trump administration was preparing to take over.

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“It was bait to get Trump officials to do something. I think they were being monitored by intelligence agencies. They were looking for evidence to get the Trump transition team with, because I think this was all a trap by the Democrats. If this can be established, I think President Trump should pardon everyone, and I think that’s what Republicans on the Hill should be calling for,” he said.

His interview:

Within hours, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh was endorsing Fleitz’ ideas and explaining a possible “end game” to Mueller’s investigation, which exhibited bias through confirmation that one of its agents exchanged anti-Trump messages while he was on the investigative team.

Limbaugh cited Fleitz’ suggestion to issue pardons and allow the nation to move on.

“Now he’s not saying anything you haven’t heard here. But the fact that he is a former CIA analyst gives him, in my estimation, credibility. He knows exactly what these. … He’s exactly right: This whole thing has been a trap based on that phony dossier which was based on a phony collusion charge. All this. … You know, I’ve blown a gasket two days in a row on this. You know how livid I am. I’m about ready to explode over this whole thing. Nothing in this is real.”

He continued: “And all of these alleged crimes and all these potential charges and plea deals are based on ‘something did happen.’ There’s no reality here. It is a setup. It’s a totally manufactured trap. There was no Trump-Russia collusion. There was Hillary-Russia collusion. The Mueller team is littered with pro-Obama and pro-Hillary biased so-called investigators! There’s nothing about this that is legitimate! Yet you talk to people in Washington, ‘Well, there’s nothing we can do. I mean, the investigation has to run its course.'”

He came to his own conclusions: “You know, I think if an investigation was legitimate and if there were a legitimate crime being pursued, then that course of action [pardons] would carry great risk. But this is nothing! Folks, this is totally bogus. Trump can go on TV, he can do rallies, he can spend as much time as he wants explaining how the very the beginning of this is phony baloney; there’s no reality to it. There was never any collusion. The dossier was created by Hillary; paid for by her team. It was written by people that hate Trump and love Obama. It’s one of the greatest opposition research tricks ever.”

In fact, he believes the “scandal” is bigger than Watergate.

“Shutting this down would not be obstructing justice. Shutting this down would be preserving the Constitution and eliminating a bogus political operation,” he said.

Limbaugh warned the current course is undermining the Constitution and the rule of law, the public’s trust in the government – and it’s all for political purposes.

“The Obama administration has weaponized the FBI, weaponized the CIA, weaponized the NSA, and weaponized the IRS against Obama’s political opponents, which happen to also be Hillary’s political opponents. And it only got worse after Trump won,” he said.

“Obama weaponized the IRS with Lois Lerner. Now the IRS is joined by the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, the leadership, being weaponized to … deny the results of a duly constituted and legal federal election, number one. And number two, to thwart the duly elected president and his agenda, all for the purposes of preserving the absolute mess and disaster that was the Obama administration for eight years,” he said.

“The endgame, as we just played the audio sound bites from the former CIA analyst, is just pardon everybody. President Trump, just pardon everybody. Just end this right now. Fire people; pardon ’em,” he said.

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