Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham

WASHINGTON – A day after Rosie O’Donnell tweeted that House Speaker Paul Ryan was going “straight to hell,” Franklin Graham responded on Facebook with an invitation to her to repent.

“Rosie O’Donnell is back in the news today for going after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Twitter after he posted a Christmas video message honoring the birth of Jesus Christ,” wrote the evangelist. “Among other things, she told Speaker Ryan he was going ‘straight to hell.’ Rosie, you don’t have the keys to hell, but I know the One who does.”

He continued: “And I can tell you who will be there. Hell is going to be filled with people who rejected God’s offer of salvation and turned their backs on His laws and standards, refusing to repent. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and He took your sins and mine to the Cross, dying in our place, so that we might live — if we would turn from our sins and put our faith in Him. I hope one day you will put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and let him heal your heart, clean up your mouth, and forgive your sins. Do that today — you’ll never regret it.”

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell

O’Donnell wanted to sentence Ryan to hell for his role in getting the tax cut bill passed – on Christmas Day, no less.

“paul ryan – don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell,” O’Donnell wrote. “U screwed up fake altar boy.”

She finished her holiday attack with the hashtag: “#JUDASmuch” in a reference to the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

What set O’Donnell off was a Christmas video message that Ryan posted Saturday honoring the birth of Jesus.

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (Photo: Twitter)

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (Photo: Twitter)

A representative for Ryan responded only by saying: “We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!”

Last week, O’Donnell offered to pay two senators $2 million each to vote against the tax bill. Her bribe to Sens. Jeff Flake and Susan Collins didn’t work and no GOP senator voted against Trump’s signature legislative achievement.

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