How feds shut down Christian health-care provider

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The mission of the health non-profit Daniel Chapter One was simple. Using biblical principles, Jim and Patricia Feijo created a series of products enthusiastically endorsed by customers who claimed it soothed their ailments.

Yet that was enough for the Food and Drug Administration and the Internal Revenue Service to launch an aggressive raid, complete with screaming and drawn guns, to shut down the ministry.

On March 31, 2015, the United States government closed the 30-year ministry of Daniel Chapter One, claiming it might violate a governmental order – without any customer complaints or any evidence of harm.

The consequences could be dire. As Jim Feijo noted, the rationale behind the government’s action could open practically every American to the charge of “practicing medicine” for sharing or utilizing folk remedies, with fines and punishments to follow.

Now, Patricia Feijo is sharing her story in the new book “Called To Stand,” from World Ahead Press.

She recently discussed her family’s experiences and their implications for all Americans in a conversation with Rabbi Eric Walker on “Revealing The Truth.”

As Patricia explained, Jim Feijo developed a computer program that assessed the needs of athletes for proteins, carbohydrates and fats, removing the guesswork for determining an appropriate diet. Feijo introduced a line of biomolecular nutritional products that were “predigested” using enzymes.

“The advance here is really a delivery process, a delivery advancement,” said Patricia Feijo.

Their products allowed the body to use the energy from food immediately, rather than having to expend energy on digestion. This, claims Feijo, has a positive impact not just for athletes but for those who are ill.

A line of supplements was also introduced. All of the ingredients used in the products, Feijo told Walker, were recognized by the government as safe. Nonetheless, Feijo encountered opposition from the medical establishment.

“There are powers that are that dictating to everyone what you can and cannot do,” she said.

Nonetheless, Daniel Chapter One was able to operate for decades without problems, helping satisfied customers with its combination of biblical principles and cutting-edge science. However, the federal government, seemingly out of nowhere, stepped in to destroy the Feijos.

“The government attacked us almost 30 years after we had been in business with our ministry,” Patricia Feijo said in astonishment. “No consumer ever complained; people were happy, thousands of people were being healed from all kinds of illness.”

However, Feijo noted some of the people helped by Daniel Chapter One credited the products with assisting their recovery from cancer.

“That was the thing that really got us,” she mourned.

America is no longer a free country. This is the terrifying story of how a small Christian ministry that created effective medical treatments was shut down, at gunpoint, by the federal government. It’s a book no liberty-loving American can afford to ignore. “Called To Stand” by Patricia Feijo, available now in the WND Superstore.

Daniel Chapter One posted testimonies from some of its satisfied customers in the customers’ own words, accompanied by a disclaimer. This opened them up to an attack by the federal government, which was cracking down on natural health treatments.

What was behind the attack? Nothing less than the Trilateral Commission itself, in the form of the Trilateral Cooperation Charter, which aimed to harmonize America’s food and drug regulations with Canada and Mexico.

Canada and Mexico are far more restrictive in regulating supplements than the United States. While the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 established supplements as a separate category, Canada and Mexico regulate supplements simply as drugs.

The letter from the government instructed Daniel Chapter One to send a letter to all their customers, with no accompanying material, that would state “only conventional cancer treatment has been proven safe and effective in humans.”

Essentially, the government was asking the Feijos to deny the effectiveness of their products. The Feijos refused to sign the letter.

This unleashed a legal nightmare in which the Feijos were accused of claiming they possessed cancer cures, which they denied. At the same time, they were unwilling to deny the testimonies of their customers.

“They charged us with false and misleading advertisement really in order to shut us down,” Patricia Feijo said. “That was the whole agenda from the beginning. I believe we were threatening because our products were effective, because nobody was complaining, nobody had been hurt, not in 30 years.”

Against governmental pressure to sign a false statement, the Feijos stood up to the FDA, IRS and FTC. Under what they claim was false pretenses and innuendo, Jim Feijo was thrown into prison.

Patricia Feijo believes the remarkable campaign of persecution by the federal government was launched because Daniel Chapter One posed a threat to the “corruption” of the medical establishment. She also slammed the “slanderous” media coverage that resulted from the case and the cowardice of other natural health companies that refused to stand with Daniel Chapter One.

“Proof the government is hooked in with the media is that when we lost our case before the FTC [Federal Trade Commission] court, the media knew before our lawyers knew,” Feijo marveled. “Which meant the U.S. FTC contacted the media even before our lawyers.”

Feijo urges others to read her story in “Called To Stand” so they can understand what is at stake. Asked by Rabbi Walker what advice she would give others facing a similar David vs. Goliath situation, Feijo was undaunted.

“I think it’s important to take a stand, to not back down, to not run away, because it will only allow the powers-that-be to grow and become stronger,” she said. “I think too many good people, too many Christians certainly, have been silent too long and if we don’t begin to speak out and act according to our faith, as the Founding Fathers of this nation warned, we will lose our freedoms. We’ve already lost some; we’re in danger of losing even more ground.

“But I believe that there is a hope to regain some of the freedoms that we have. And even with our case, I don’t think our story is necessarily over.”

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America is no longer a free country. This is the terrifying story of how a small Christian ministry that created effective medical treatments was shut down, at gunpoint, by the federal government. It’s a book no liberty-loving American can afford to ignore. “Called To Stand,” by Patricia Feijo, is available now in the WND Superstore.

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