How to have a healthy, happy new year

By Jesse Lee Peterson

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I have true and unending joy. I am totally fulfilled and at peace within. I can see and know that God is my Father, that He’s with me. I hold no judgment against any man or woman – no anger or hatred. In fact, it’s strange to remember how blind, angry and conflicted I once was. The things I experienced in my younger days, the mistakes I made – it’s as though those things happened to someone else.

Part of what it means to fear God is to reflect on your life, appreciate what He’s brought you through – and realize that He’s with you. He doesn’t force you to love him; He allows you to go your own way, which is really the way of your father the devil, whom you serve until you are born again. But God gives you warnings along the way.

It took 38 years of suffering and striving before I woke up, forgave my parents and became a child of God. I realized I was wrong and apologized to my mother for hating her. I found I’d resented her for turning me away from my father. I returned to my father, loved him, and we became father and son. Once I let go of anger and judgment, playing God, God forgave me, and I became His son. For nearly 28 years now, I’ve pointed the way to others, particularly young black men like me, but also all people, young and old.

In this country and the world in 2017, God gave us a great gift in President Donald Trump. He defeats his enemies with pure love and truth. He’s not intimidated by the dominant culture of political correctness, the hate-filled attacks directed against older, straight, white Christian men of power. Trump does not cater to corrupt liberal blacks, feminist women or radical “LGBT” propagandists who wish to weaken the country. He faces opposition on every side, but he maintains his winning spirit and overcomes evil with good.

At my church through my nonprofit, BOND, I urged all people – whether they love or hate the president, agree or disagree with him – to keep a distance and watch how Donald Trump deals with challenges and situations. You’ll be amazed at what you see and learn from him.

Not everyone realizes what we have in the president. The dirty women who participated in the disgusting “Women’s March” promoting abortion and everything else evil, they’re gearing up to do it again. The so-called “#MeToo movement,” mostly an attack on masculinity apparently meant to take down the president, is wearing on the people’s nerves and patience.

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“Black Lives Matter” still exists (I guess) – the evil movement that’s worse than the KKK – but it has largely dropped out of public consciousness because the current president gives its lies no play. Thankfully, police deaths neared a 50-year low in President Trump’s first year in office – after Barack Hussein Obama helped bring about multiple police assassinations and massacres inspired by Black Lives Matter and liberal media hysteria.

President Trump, supported by football fans, military veterans and everyone who loves America, shamed NFL leadership into quelling the blatant disrespect by Colin Kaepernick and other shameless and brainwashed kneeling black thugs who turned their backs on the country and shamefully misled children to do the same.

Of course the media, led by some of the wickedest people on earth, promote all of the nonsense in opposition to everything good. They hate President Trump – they think they’re smarter and more “factual” in their communication than he is. However, Trump has the truth on his side. His stand is rooted in the truth, which no amount of lies (supported by cherry-picked “facts” meant to distract) can defeat.

The media love abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and all sexual madness. They stoke black anger toward whites and police, female opposition toward men and God’s order, and generally drive people crazy with anger, disloyalty and division. Evil loves to weaken men and destroy the family. But because we have good leadership again, we find renewed hope for the country. If we turn back to God, we can “Make America Great Again.”

Worldwide, President Trump commands newfound respect for America. Where past presidents and Congresses have offered decades of lip service and symbolic votes of support for our allies like Israel, Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. If you doubt the wisdom of this, just look at the pathetic and impotent vote by the wicked United Nations to declare Trump’s Jerusalem action “null and void.” I’m glad when evil people reveal themselves – because in response, President Trump cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the U.N. (I say we kick the U.N. out of America!)

If you too wish to be a child of God, I urge you to commit to prayer – I offer “silent prayer” instructions on my nonprofit church page, in which I urge you to be still and come into the present where God is. Drop anger – quit passing judgment on yourself and others, which is playing God. Then you will be free.

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