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Italy sending troops overseas to stem flow of immigrants

Liberals and left-leaning activists across America are appalled at President Trump’s plan to build a wall on the nation’s southern border to halt – or at least slow down – the uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants into the United States.

What would they say about sending troops?

And not just to the border but across an international boundary.

That’s the extent to which Italy is being forced.

It’s reported in the Local.

It seems Italy plans to send 470 soldiers into Niger to “help the West African nation stem the flow of Europe-bound migrants.”

The announcement was from Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Niger, and its main city Agadez, “has become a revolving door for economic migrants seeking to reach Europe via Libya, winning notoriety as Africa’s people-smuggling capital,” the report said.

Gentiloni said the request for troops did come from Niger, and they will “reinforce the security measures in the territory and at the borders and to support the police force.”

Officials reported the troops scheduled to go already have served in Iraq and Kuwait.

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