James Woods

James Woods

One thing about social media is that when someone makes a statement that is questionable, wrong or even “flakey,” the whole world sees it now.

Such is the case with Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., who only weeks ago abandoned his party’s candidate in the Alabama senatorial race and donated $100 to the radically pro-abortion Democratic opponent.

On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Flake ripped his party again, ridiculing Republicans who attend President Trump’s rallies.

“When you look at some of the audiences cheering for Republicans, sometimes, you look out there and you say, ‘those are the spasms of a dying party,'” Flake said on the program.

He wasn’t done.

“When you look at the lack of diversity, sometimes, and it depends on where you are, obviously, but by and large, we’re appealing to older white men and there are just a limited number of them, and anger and resentment are not a governing philosophy,” he said.

Actor James Woods noticed the slam.


“You mean the party that has the Presidency, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the majority of State Legislatures, the majority of State Governors, and is poised [to] steamroll over the broke Democrats in 2018, 2020, and 2024? You mean THAT dying party? #NumbskullJeffFlake?” he tweeted.

“Ouch,” said a report by the grassroots Tea Party organization.

Flake was in the news earlier this month when he tweeted “country over party” and donated $100 to Democrat Doug Jones, who was in a pitched battle with Republican Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat.

Jones won a narrow victory over Moore after the Republican nominee was accused by three women of sexual assault and six others of “inappropriate” behavior when they were teens and he was in his early 30s. Moore vehemently denies the allegations.

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