A Twitter user who goes by the handle “Earnest Gay Thoughts” needs a “mental health check up,” according to commenters, after he posted a video apparently showing how he disrupted and shouted down a representation of President Trump at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

When the animatronic production got to Trump, Earnest Gay Thoughts erupted.

“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” he started.

And continued.

And continued.

“Earnest Gay” explained: “I protested @realDonaldTrump at the #hallofpresidents cuz I’ll never get this close in real life probs. #lockhimup.”

Responded Kenny Liszewski: “That video is disgusting and immature. Families trying to enjoy their vacations not listen to your friends ridiculous shouting. Yelling at an animatronic …. Yikes.”

Wrote M.B.: “I can’t imagine how scared and confused some of those children were.”

A Twitter user charged Trump is responsible for “children being taken away from their parents due to @realDonaldTrump’s inhumane immigration policies,” “a trans kid who fears getting murdered for being who they are” and “a sick child who has just lost access to healthcare.”

But the argument still was beaten down.

“The fact remains – not the place! There r many other avenues 2 pursue those very worthy concerns,” said M.B.

Other comments ranged from “hilariously pathetic” and questions about whether it was copyright infringement to record the Disney production, to “I think I love you” to “Mental illness is a b—-, isn’t it?”

At some point came a voice of moderation, from “RyGy,” who said: “You think that screaming at an animatronic will prove a point. That’s really desperate. That only proves my point on how all democrats need to chill out and rethink what they say or do. The republicans did that with Obama, you can do it with Trump.”

Here’s the video of the stunt:

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