Often called “snowflakes,” today’s young adults are regarded as more prone than previous generations to take offense and more emotionally vulnerable to views that challenge their own.

They’re often in the news spouting off about President Trump, whom they regard as the epitome of offensiveness.

Now they have their own coloring book.

It’s called “I Am So Sick of White Guys: The Coloring Book Experience.”

It’s designed to give frustrated liberals and progressives an outlet in the age of Donald Trump, which the authors describe as an endless string of white men abusing their power and taking advantage of their white privilege.

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.

On Amazon, they promise:

“Each image is accompanied by witty, sarcastic and sometimes even snarky comments that just might be the elixir you need to help you cope with what is happening to the greatest democracy the world has ever known. (Remember when our elections were decided by an insane thing called the ‘Electoral College,’ instead of an even more insane thing called Russia?)”

The authors are Jim Corbett and Tim Jones, who happen to be a couple of white guys. Corbett, a law librarian who lives in the Seattle area, described himself as “just a concerned citizen” in an interview with USA Today.

Recalling the inspiration behind the book, he told the paper, “It came completely out of me screaming at my TV, and the way the GOP is taking the country off in a totally different direction.”

The 61-page book includes images that satirize what the authors see as controversial policies and politicians. Readers can color images of Trump and pictures that represent freedom of speech, Russia-collusion theories, the Ku Klux Klan and football-player protests, according to USA Today.

The book’s illustrations were done by veteran artist Steve Hartley, an African American.

“For us, this is a humorous coping mechanism,” Corbett told USA Today. “I am very frustrated and sad. But we want to make sure people understand this is not a vehicle of intolerance or hate. We are not trying to get people to hate white guys. We need people to have good coping mechanisms.”

Corbett, who said he contributed to Democrat Doug Jones’ recent U.S. Senate bid in Alabama, told the paper “angry white guys” don’t appreciate the advantages they have in America.

“You may have lost a battle here or there, but it’s not institutional racism or sexism that you have to deal with,” he said. “Look, I’m a white guy; there’s a lot of white guys like me and this idea of white privilege is a real thing.”

He said he remembered getting in trouble as a young man, only to have his parents show up to smooth things over with the police.

“I have been a beneficiary of white privilege and gotten in trouble for stupid things,” he said. “If the same thing had happened to a couple of black kids it would have been different.”

The coloring book appears to be polarizing, according to reader reviews, with 52 percent of Amazon customers giving it one star and 48 percent giving it five. Nobody rated it anything in between.

The authors state they are donating 10 percent of the profits to the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, which routinely attacks Christian organizations because of their biblical beliefs.

SPLC was linked to domestic terrorism when a homosexual activist, based on the organization’s information, attempted mass murder at the headquarters of the Family Research Council.

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.

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