Cyril Ramaphosa, the new leader of South Africa’s dominant African National Congress (ANC) party, has promised a “radical economic transformation” for the country, including the possibility of seizing land without compensation.

“This conference has resolved that the expropriation of land without compensation should be among the mechanisms available to government to effect to land reform and redistribution,” he declared.

He added that any redistribution must be done in a way that is “sustainable.”

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A considerable portion of land in South Africa is owned by white farmers, though their status is hardly privileged. White farmers have been under siege, suffering a murder rate 20 times the international average.

Being a farmer in South Africa is more dangerous than being a police officer. The South African government has been noticeably reticent to stop the killings, and South African President Jacob Zuma has even been filmed singing the revolutionary song “Kill The Boer.”

As WND contributor Ilana Mercer observed, the notorious Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was actually pressured into his disastrous policy of confiscating white land by his people.

A similar situation may be developing in South Africa, as the ANC is increasingly being pushed from the left by Julius Malema, a former youth leader in the ANC. His Economic Freedom Fighters party has become a powerful pressure group arguing for confiscation of white lands and the imposition of full-blown socialism.

An ANC official admitted there is “general anger about the [slow] place of land redistribution and restitution and this propels the anger in communities.”

Zuma has publicly entertained voting with the EFF to implement farm confiscation. New ANC head Ramaphosa says expropriation of land without compensation will not harm the economy and will be done in a responsible way.

But journalist Alex Newman, a former resident of South Africa, argues such a policy would simply lead to a repetition of what happened in Zimbabwe, when the once prosperous Rhodesia was turned into a starving kleptocracy.

“This will be terrible not just for the owners of the farms, but for the entire country,” he told WND. “We don’t even have to speculate about what will happen, we can just look north to Zimbabwe. This will be a disaster for all South Africans, not just the direct victims of the state-backed thievery.”

Some argue the United States should open the doors to white South Africans, as they constitute actual “refugees” who would be fleeing from government persecution and violence.

South African missionary Charl Van Wyk, who saved scores of lives by shooting back at African nationalist terrorists who attacked his church in 1993, believes President Trump should welcome white South African refugees, whom he argues would make good citizens.

“They serve God, they’re hard workers and they believe their work ethic shows their love of God,” he told WND.

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