By now I’m fairly certain everyone has seen the must-have hot new item for this Christmas season: the Hillary Clinton tree-topper, manufactured by a U.K. company called Women To Look Up To. The manufacturer has a short little video intro on its website with captions stating: “Every year we put a figure on top of our Christmas tree, made of no more than plastic and glitter. She has lost her meaning. This year, make her a woman to look up to. A woman worthy of wings. An inspirational icon. A beacon of hope. Break with tradition.” (The website also offers “Activist Advent calendars” and urges people to “Join the Resistmas.”)

Women To Look Up To's Hillary Clinton Christmas Tree Topper

Women To Look Up To’s Hillary Clinton Christmas Tree Topper

I must admit I howled with laughter upon first viewing the Hillary tree-topper, positive it had to be a joke. I mean really, Hillary (in her obligatory white pants suit) with wings? Angel wings? An “inspirational icon”? REALLY? It’s like the nightmare before Christmas. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so scary.

“Liberals specialize in ruining holidays and they put the most effort into Christmas, which is the most hated of all on the left,” jeered DownTrend. “Usually these attempts involve trying to associate a holiday with genocide or racism, but they found a new way to make the season as horrifying as possible.”

Casting Hillary in an elevated position as a tree-topper, peering down from her lofty perch, is no accident. It conveys precisely what the manufacturers hope to convey; in fact they blatantly state, “She is a strong believer in role models for little girls.” Christmas represented by an angel from heaven tree-topper is too traditional. We need a human, not a celestial, being to look up to. And what finer example than Hillary, a worthy luminary whose life and goals can inspire millions of young women to follow in her footsteps, break those glass ceilings and change the world? Have they missed any buzz words?

If you’re looking for a role model for young women, there are endless strong kick-butt women out there, making a difference and breaking barriers. The ones I admire most are those who, in addition to their career achievements, find time to stay moral and ethical in both their personal and professional lives; and who – incidentally – don’t leave a tremendous trail of dead bodies in their wake in their insane quest for power and wealth. Call me fussy.

Why is Hillary considered a role model, anyway? Is it merely based on her two X chromosomes? Is this her sole qualification? As columnist Dennis Prager noted, “Any support for Hillary Clinton because she is a female is troubling. It is a statement that gender identity is more important than moral character. That is the message communicated by every parent who asks his or her daughter to look to Hillary Clinton as a model.”

Even high-powered business women question Hillary’s qualifications as a role model. Executive banker Laura Carno wrote, “Women who do not demonstrate competence, who don’t hold themselves accountable and who mislead people about who they are at their core, are not worthy of becoming role models. This is precisely why Hillary Clinton is a bad role model for women. … Clinton herself couldn’t name her top accomplishment as secretary of state. When she fails, she doesn’t take accountability for her performance. Instead, she blames others for her failure. … She blamed the vast right-wing conspiracy for her husband’s scandals. …”

It astounds me how much verbal, mental and moral gymnastics liberals use to paint Hillary as a shining example of goodness and virtue. A 2016 article in Cosmopolitan magazine (which was a hoot to read) lauded the “tender” 45-year marriage of Bill and Hillary “in spite of all the public humiliations they’ve faced” and applauded (with a straight face) the “good marriage role models” this loving couple offers. They claim the Clinton’s marriage beats that of the Trumps hands-down due to its, well, longevity, and how virtuous and strong Hillary was to stick it out through the “tough times.” (“Apparently, hating philandering men is no longer a part of the feminist agenda,” noted Life News.)

Progressives absolutely refuse to see Hillary for what she is: a hateful, lying, power-mad, overly ambitious, greedy, nasty witch whose scandals, vindictiveness, and trail of convenient “suicides” would ratchet her into the realm of tyrant should she ever achieve the highest office she so desperately craves. They prefer to think conservatives turned Hillary down because … she’s a woman.

Which is why, rather than choosing to simply ignore a religious holiday they clearly despise, lefties christen Hillary’s winged presence on top the Christmas tree “Resistmas.” Presumably, this is the good tidings of great joy liberals prefer to celebrate, the type of woman who should achieve angelic stature, prompting one wit to suggest celebrants might wake up Christmas morning to find “a reindeer who ‘committed suicide’ on your front lawn,” and another deplorable to opine, “Every time a bell rings, someone associated with the Clintons dies a mysterious death.” Yet another person simply observed, “Puke puke puke.”

As I see it, there are many, many (as in, billions) of people more qualified than Hillary to look up to. They can include humble souls as well as famous ones. Of course, the whole purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the ultimate Person to look up to; but since that person is a hated male, this company has seen fit to elbow Him out of the way in the interests of worshiping the “power-suited” kick-butt female they felt should be the leader of the free world. The angel has lost its meaning. Ho hum, Jesus merely saves us from sin (yawn); but Hillary might have saved us from Trump!

Incidentally, this manufacturer’s website states: “Due to unprecedented demand … we are unable to deliver any new orders before Christmas at this time. Our sincere apologies.”

Maybe that’s a good thing. To those interested in putting an angel on top your Christmas tree, I encourage you to do so. Just make sure the figure you’re looking up to is angelic, not demonic. Hint: It won’t be wearing a pants suit.

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