(BrainStrain) Mike Tyson is currently testing out his one man live show in Las Vegas called Undisputed Truth 2 to small crowds, since Las Vegas is apparently pretty quiet right now. It doesn’t have anything to do with Tyson, but all to do with that horrendous mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay earlier this year, which has seemingly gone through a massive media cover up, with no CCTV footage being released, along with the other major inconsistencies in the story. As a result, people just aren’t going to Las Vegas so much anymore. Anyway, moving back onto the story at hand.

During Mike Tyson’s stand up performance, he said something which many people believe to be alarmingly true: “Hillary is America’s most prolific serial killer – bar none.”

They’re dropping like flies. The Clinton Body Count documents the long list of Clinton friends and associates who have died sudden and tragic deaths, many ruled to be suicides.

Tyson continued: “Manson family ain’t nothing compared to the Clinton family,” “Ted Bundy? John Wayne Gacy? Please… that’s kiddie stuff.”

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