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Merry Christmas!

I hope the birthday party you attended was wonderful, and that you not only honored the Birthday Child but thanked Him for … well … everthing.

For those of you who are a little vague on the reason for the party, here’s one of the greatest (and shortest) sermons on the subject ever given:

But some of us have to work even on such a festive day, so despite being overly stuffed on poor country fare like prime rib, garden potatoes, home-churned butter and biscuits, I’m at the computer creating this week’s Practical Prepper column. You’re welcome.

Today, we’re going to carry on last week’s subject by reviewing the next five top “prepper” sites as defined by Alexa, provided by Happy Preppers (number 8 on the Alexa U.S. ranking) for the date of Oct. 5, 2017. As before, I’ll link to each site, tell you when the site went active (if known), and give the Alexa ranking for that date.

I’ll also give my take on the site in question and a test of the site’s content by a search of the same three words I used last week: snowshoes (an item), threshing (an action) and Clorox (a product). Why these three particular search words? Each word is a little unusual in daily usage, but important in the context of preparedness. Searching for words like these is a good test of a website’s usefulness.

One reminder: All these sites use some variety of affiliate linking (meaning the site owners get paid to direct customers to specific products). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this; everyone has to eat. But if it looks like the site goes too far, I’ll mention that as well. I have no use for prepper ad farms.

So let’s finish this up.

Ask a Prepper logo

Ask a Prepper

Ask a Prepper, date established unknown, is ranked Number 6 on the Alexa U.S. ranking (26, 104).

Ask a Prepper is a pretty interesting site. The articles are usually related to prepping, although it’s apparent most (if not all) of the posts are written by third-party freelancers. There really isn’t any order to the posts, and the site is more of a browse-fest and less of a teaching or learning tool. The site owner, Claude Davis, seems to put some editorial effort into keeping the articles – mostly – within the prepper/country living/self-sufficiency genre, but nothing here will be any surprise to even the casual prepper. There isn’t any way to browse by category except by tags, and if you’re looking for anything specific, it’s the search engine for you. Per the site’s title, you can “ask a prepper” a question via an on-line form; but how quickly that answer is returned, and who provides it, isn’t stated.

Search test:

Snowshoes: 1 mention
Threshing: 1 mention
Clorox: 2 mentions

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SHTF preparedness logo

SHTF Preparedness

SHTF Preparedness, date established unknown, is ranked Number 7 on the Alexa U.S. ranking (30,904).

I’m sensing a trend here. SHTF Preparedness is another article agglomeration site (in fact, I’ve seen the same articles in at least three of the other “Top Ten” prepper websites). There really isn’t any reason to read this one over any of the others. I mean, really: “9 Easy Ways to Use Lavender On the Homestead“… ? Worse yet, when you click on the headline, it takes you to a paragraph teaser of the story and a link to the article off-site.

This isn’t a prepper site; it’s a “Better Country Home and Garden” page. If that’s what you like, enjoy. But if you want to know if lavender can be used as a defensive weapon or an emergency food source, try somewhere else.

Search test:

Snowshoes: 2 mentions
Threshing: 0 mentions
Clorox: 1 mention

Happy Preppers logo

Happy Preppers

Happy Preppers, established 2012, is ranked Number 8 on the Alexa U.S. ranking (31,929).

Happy Preppers is the site that provided the ranking list we’re using for the Top Ten prepper sites (thank you). And the site is, as the name says, happy. It’s also scattered and pretty much a sales link site. For example, take a look at the Happy Prepper link on prepper toilets.

Search test: No search engine. You can give this page a pass.

Modern Survival Blog logo

Modern Survival Blog

Modern Survival Blog, established 2010, is ranked Number 9 on the Alexa U.S. ranking (32,053).

Um … ditto (see above website review).

Search test:

Snowshoes: 1 mention
Threshing: 0 mentions
Clorox: 3 mentions

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Urban Survival logo

Urban Survival

Urban Survival, established 2010, is ranked Number 10 on the Alexa U.S. ranking (33,478).

Like the last few sites, this website has a lot of click bait, but at least the editorial control is better, and the original articles (mostly written by freelancers who have appeared on many of the sites above) have some relationship to prepping. Also, there are a lot of click-through posts. But the site does have one great resource: A big list of prepper-related downloadable pdfs on a variety of subjects. So check them out.

Search test:

Snowshoes: 1 mention
Threshing: 0 mentions
Clorox: 3 mentions

So those are the Top Ten prepper sites as far as Alexa defines them. But as a commenter from last week pointed out, “Alexa is horrible at estimating traffic if you don’t allow their tracking code.” And as life shows, the “best” of something isn’t always the most popular.

Next week, I’ll list some of my favorite prepper sites, and you’ll see a very different list. Until then, I hope you got snowshoes, your hand-powered threshing machine, and a bunch of Clorox for Christmas. See you next year when we’ll all keep getting prepared.

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