The last time the Iranian people rose up to challenge their fanatical mullah rulers was in 2009.

You might recall President Barack Obama’s reaction. He sat on his hands. Initially, he offered no protest of the massive government repression. Only when the carnage lasted more than a week did Obama offer a toothless condemnation of the violence. He never addressed the root causes – Iran’s tyrannical regime that forces all to live under an oppressive code of Shia Islam that would make the Taliban blush.

Today, the streets of Iran are ablaze again with protests as the economy sputters, while the mullahs send their imperialist armies and terrorist proxies to Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

Thankfully, President Trump is not sitting on his hands. Instead, he is warning Iran “the whole world is watching.” His State Department is condemning the repression. Other officials in Washington are offering support to the people of Iran – many of whom do not share the religious zealotry of their contemptuous leadership.

I want to give a shout out to those courageous freedom-fighters throughout Iran. I want to encourage them to take their country back.

Iran was a beacon of hope in the Middle East before Jimmy Carter pulled the Persian carpet out from Shah Reza Pahlavi in 1979. His thanks from the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was getting the U.S. Embassy taken over for 444 days. American military soldiers lost their lives in a rescue attempt. Later, Iran’s Hezbollah guerrillas orchestrated what was in 1983 the worst terrorist attack on U.S. personnel when a barracks in Lebanon was blown up killing 241 U.S. Marines.

That’s what feckless U.S. leaders like Carter and Obama have wrought.

I say, “Never again.”

It’s not only time to condemn the repression of Iran’s government, but to actively support the people of Iran in overthrowing their medieval dictatorship.

Think how much safer the world would be if the Iranian people arose and instituted the kind of government they had prior to the coup.

Iran was one of Israel’s few allies in the world back then. Even today, Iran’s Christians and other religious minorities are forced to worship underground in fear for their lives.

There are still plenty of Iranians who remember the good old days. And there are million of young people who have had enough of burqas, women-bashing and dropping homosexuals off tall buildings.

Why do liberals and leftists support regimes like this? Just because they hate Americans, Jews and Christians?

I don’t understand why Americans can’t unite against this form of political terror – whether it is domestic or exported.

We don’t want or need a war in Iran, but Americans should do everything we can to support its liberation short of sending in troops.

Most of all, though, the Iranian people need our prayers and our vocal backing.

They didn’t get it in 2009 – not from Obama, anyway. And look at the results. He sent them hundreds of millions of dollars for a phony nuclear deal. He stopped an investigation into drug-running by Hezbollah into the U.S. Like Carter before him, he really thought being nice to terrorist-supporting, tyrannical maniacs would persuade them to leave us alone.

How did that work out?

Iran needs another revolution – a peaceful one, one that leads to representative government and real justice and liberty.

It’s possible because Iran has had it in the not-too-distant past. Iran actually experienced these things less than 40 years ago.

Pray for the people of Iran in the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

You want a peaceful Middle East? You want a Middle East without nuclear weapons? This is our chance. Do the right thing.

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