By Ted Harvey

The Committee to Defend the President, which I chair, has uncovered a new Clinton scandal – one we believe is more consequential than many of the others combined.

We filed a complaint this week with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) dealing with $84 million we believe was illegally funneled by the Democratic National Committee to Democratic state committees around the country and then routed back to Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign.

We discovered this money laundering scheme after spending months combing FEC reports filed by the Hillary Victory Fund – the $500 million joint fundraising committee for the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and Democratic state parties.

FEC records show the Hillary Victory Fund solicited mega-donations, including from fashion designer Calvin Klein and “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane. These donations were then laundered through the state parties and back to the Democratic National Committee before ending up under Clinton campaign control.

 Based on former interim head of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile’s public comments, a memo by former Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook and our own analysis, it appears that the Hillary Victory Fund engaged in illegal activity in one of two ways.

The Hillary Victory Fund either never transferred the $84 million to state parties and back to the Democratic National Committee; or the Victory Fund made the transfer without the state parties having actual control. After that, the Democratic National Committee turned the resulting slush fund over to the Clinton campaign.

This amounts to a massive scheme to earmark mega-donor contributions through straw men, which is precisely what the Supreme Court deemed illegal in its 2014 McCutcheon v. FEC ruling.

The $84 million funneled this way was far larger than the $10,000 illegal campaign contribution by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s in 2012. D’Souza pleaded guilty to using straw donors to make that illegal campaign contribution to a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in New York and was sentenced to five years of probation.

 Fortunately, the action by the Clinton campaign did not swing the election in her favor, but no political figure should repeatedly escape accountability from government watchdogs – as both Hillary and Bill Clinton have – and from the American people.

As federal authorities investigate Hillary Clinton’s practices, we must remain vigilant and continue to demand accountability from Washington. Apathy is our most dangerous enemy.

If the 2016 election revealed anything, it was the startling disconnect between the Washington establishment – personified by Hillary Clinton – and the rest of us.

According to the Cooperative Congressional Election Survey –a pre- and post-election survey of nearly 65,000 U.S. adults – 64 percent of 2016 voters indicated government corruption was an issue of “very high importance” to them. And these voters supported President Trump by roughly 30 percentage points over Hillary Clinton. 

From Donna Brazile’s bombshell book to the Russian uranium deal, we have grown used to a Clinton legacy marred by cutthroat politics, shady meetings and even shadier deceptions. And, despite their political irrelevance, public appearances by Bill and Hillary continue to make Clinton-related controversies worthy of national discussion.

 Unfortunately, the sheer volume of these controversies has desensitized us to the gravity of each individual transgression. This is unacceptable. For as long as they foist themselves upon the public, we must hold the Clintons accountable with heightened skepticism, not apathy.

Once we become apathetic, the politically corrupt – Democrats and Republicans alike – are incentivized to double down on their wrongdoings and further betray our trust.

Ted Harvey is chairman of the Committee to Defend the President.

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