Americans who voted for Donald Trump wanted less immigration, a better economy, better life for the forgotten middle-class working Americans, repeal of Obamacare and a stronger military. They wanted Trump to make America great for them again.

President Trump is delivering exactly what his voters elected him to do.

The Trump administration reversed over 900 executive orders, rules and regulations of the Obama administration. Keystone pipeline. TPP. NAFTA. Paris climate accord. NATO. Employer restrictions. And when the Obamacare mandate is repealed, then Obamacare is effectively repealed as lower taxes kick in.

The results: unemployment rate at its lowest in 17 years. Average of more than 200,000 new jobs each month (mostly private sector jobs – not government jobs as with Obama). Stock market up more than 23 percent in the first year of Trump (IRAs are booming), which is the highest of any first year for any president in U.S. history. Economy is growing more than 3 percent annual rate for the first time in 10 years (Obama was the first and only eight-year president not to do it). Manufacturing grew for the first time in decades. NATO partners are paying their fair shares for the first time. The trade deficit is shrinking. Illegal immigration decreased 73 percent. Worker pay is increasing faster than inflation for the first time since “W” (net value worker pay shrunk under Obama). More young people are turning to trade-skills educations rather than to college (lower student debt and more jobs). Money for the military increased for the first time since “W.”

The lawyer-run, intellectual-run, elitist-run Democratic Party thinks that effectiveness is evaluated by legislation. Trump believes that effectiveness is evaluated by results – however those results can be achieved. But then, Trump is an executive and not a lawyer or a liberal intellectual or an elitist. And, POTUS is an executive job, not a legislative job.

When the mandate is repealed with the GOP tax reforms, then Obamacare is effectively repealed. If 13 million Americans “choose” not to have insurance because the mandate is repealed, then that is their “choice.” And isn’t that what freedom is all about?

Trump is delivering exactly what his voters elected him to do.

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So what is “left” for liberals to do? What is “left” for the liberal media cartel to use to disparage Trump? Hysteria. Hysteria about Trump’s past with women prior to being president. Hysteria about Russian collusion. Hysteria about tweets. Hysteria about everything that does not matter to average working Americans, everything that does not matter to those people who voted for Trump.

Trump is delivering exactly what his voters elected him to do.

Trump gave his voters the Christmas present that they wanted. He delivered on his promises.

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