It’s that time of year. It’s an old tradition. Who was the most remarkable person of the year?

Is there really any doubt as 2017 comes to a close?

The elite at Time magazine just couldn’t bring themselves to state the obvious. So, they pulled one of those predictably evasive tactics – anything other than to acknowledge the one towering political figure of the year. They declared the “#MeToo Silence Breakers” as 2017’s iconic persona.

But, let’s face it, everyone knows who the person of the year really is.

Love him or hate him, we all know who made the biggest impact on politics, culture, sports, entertainment, books, media, science – everything.

One person was not only the talk of the nation, he was the talk of the world.

And his domination of conversation, debate, reportage, protest and hope for a better future is not likely to end on Dec. 31.

So, it’s safe to say Donald J. Trump is not only the person of the year in 2017. He’s a force of nature that will continue to overshadow the competition for years to come.

Maybe he’s the person of the decade.

Maybe he’s the person of the century.

Maybe he’s the person of the millennium.

Person of the year, however, would be a giant, anti-climactic understatement.

There’s no neutral ground when it comes to Trump.

Nobody is ambivalent about him – unless they are unconscious.

It’s hard to imagine a person who raises such passionate positive and negative response.

Has any president in American history evoked more love and hate?

Has any raised expectations for a brighter future or more certainty about a catastrophic one?

Has any faced more opposition and undying support?

It’s certainly not the Al Franken Decade. That was only a laugh line – long ago and long forgotten. Nor is there any single Democrat in public office, out of public office or soon-to-enter public office who can hold a candle to his personality.

So, as the year draws to a close, and, as a new one is about to begin, the big question facing Americans and others all over the world is this: How does Trump top 2017?

Is there any doubt he will?

Why am I so over-the-top about Trump? Have I gone loopy? No, but for 28 years, almost half my life, I’ve been waiting for a president to run a campaign like he did and then fulfill all his promises.

Trump exceeded my expectations.

And that’s why I am so thankful for all this bigger-than-life character has achieved in his first year – against all odds.

He’s a one-man wrecking crew for the Deep State, for unconstitutional government, for conventional wisdom, for the status quo and for going-along-to-get-along. And I like it.

When someone like Trump leaves his comfortable existence of wealth and comfort to enter public life with the intent of slaying dragons, I say he needs and deserves encouragement.

That’s why started the campaign. It’s the one and only reason I did it. I waited for someone else to do it, but it wasn’t happening. So, I launched it without much fanfare around Thanksgiving, kept it going through Christmas, will extend it through the New Year, through the anniversary of his inauguration and as long as it takes to get millions behind it.

I hope you will help.

It’s free, quick, fun and easy to do.

Just go to, pick out your favorite digital thank-you card, personalize it and click send.

It’s the very best antidote I can think of for all the protest, all the opposition, all the hand-wringing, all the fake news and all the fake polls.

I don’t think I’m alone.

Am I?

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