A new ad on the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” features “everyday Americans” thanking President Trump for his many accomplishments during his first year as president of the United States.

“Everyday Americans are standing up to thank President Trump for making America great again,” says the ad.

Americans give a host of different reasons for supporting the president.

  • “Thank you for supporting Israel.”
  • “Thank you for cutting my taxes.”
  • “Thank you for fixing our economy.”
  • “Thank you for keeping my family safe.”
  • “Thank you for putting America first.”

The ad was created by Jamestown Associates, the powerhouse communications firm that helped put President Trump in the White House.

It’s the latest sign of how Americans are stepping forward to show their support for a president who has been under a coordinated media assault unlike anything in American history.

And at the center of this effort is the WND Thank Trump campaign at ThankTrump.us.

“I’m really glad people all over America are getting in the spirit of the original ThankTrump.us campaign,” said Joseph Farah, founder of WND.com and the originator of the Thank Trump campaign. “This one is great for Christmas, the New Year, the anniversary of his inauguration and beyond. We hope millions of Americans will take advantage of the program by sending your thanks directly to the White House.”

Indeed, a young girl in the ad thanks Trump “for letting us say ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

The Thank Trump campaign at ThankTrump.us is a way for ordinary Americans to give a Christmas gift to President Trump in return.

And an increasing number of Americans believe it’s time to thank Trump, whom the mainstream media is reluctantly admitting looks like a successful president.

“When it comes to actual policy accomplishments tied to pledges he made on the campaign trail, Trump is actually doing pretty well – whether you like the results or not,” argues the fiercely anti-Trump political consultant Liz Mair.

National Review once published an entire issue making the case “against Trump” during the Republican primaries. But now editor Rich Lowry says President Trump is doing quite well from a traditional conservative perspective.

“As the year ends, President Donald Trump is compiling a solid record of accomplishment,” Lowry writes.

President Trump’s approval ratings are also starting to increase, powered by a strong economy that may grow even stronger thanks to tax reform.

Almost 18,000 Americans already have sent “Thank You” cards to Trump. Those who sign up for the campaign at ThankTrump.us can choose from a variety of different cards giving different reasons for supporting the president. Some of them reflect the same accomplishments given in the Jamestown Associates ad, especially supporting Israel.

The campaign has been endorsed by leading conservatives such as Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and covered by conservative news outlets such as Breitbart News. The Conservative Tribune is also among the list of promoters.

And as Trump’s list of accomplishments continues to expand, so, too, will the list of people going to ThankTrump.us to express their appreciation.

Media representatives who would like to interview WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah about the campaign are encouraged to email [email protected]

Go to ThankTrump.us to view the 10 card design options, all of which can be personalized with additional messages and sent directly to the White House at no cost.

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