In perhaps his biggest day of accomplishment in his first year in office, President Trump took on the United Nations (more appropriately called the United Nothings) and took a victory lap over the new tax cut that already has at least five corporations celebrating by passing on money to their employees.

What a president, indeed!

He has governed through common sense and principle more than any modern leader – and that probably includes Ronald Reagan in his first year (no disrespect intended).

The polls show him as unpopular. But that’s only because he’s getting 90 percent negative coverage from the Big (fake) Media. Next year, most of the American people will begin to see the payoffs from the economic recovery he has unleashed. They will begin believing their own eyes rather than the Big (fake) Media.

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It’s time like this, when I am in a celebratory mood, that I urge everyone who agrees with me to join the campaign. Where else do you have the opportunity, in your euphoria about his accomplishments, his tenacity, his spirit, his determination and his courage to express your gratitude publicly with a digital personalized thank-you card?

The answer is nowhere!

Also, spread the news through social media. Counteract the negativism of the left.

ENCOURAGE him! That’s what this campaign is about. Everyone needs encouragement – even Donald Trump.

Even if he doesn’t need it, you owe it to yourself to give it to him because his presidency could well be a once-in-your-lifetime opportunity for a rebirth of American greatness.

Do you share my excitement?

Then express it in a meaningful way. Let him and the White House know you are behind his every step.

Are you with me on this?

Imagine being Donald Trump and watching the news every day. Do you understand why he tweets endlessly? Could it be because so few of us are actually thanking him, encouraging him, standing up for what he’s doing?

We need to join him in his forceful repudiations of the media, the Democrats (but I repeat myself) and the Deep State. And there is no better way than to turn the campaign into a viral phenomenon. We need millions taking part, not just tens of thousands.

Do it. Do it now! Spread the word.

There’s no neutral ground when it comes to Trump.

Nobody is ambivalent about him – unless they are unconscious.

It’s hard to imagine a person who raises such passionate positive and negative response.

Has any president in American history evoked more love and hate?

Has any raised expectations for a brighter future or more certainty about a catastrophic one?

Has any faced more opposition and undying support?

Why am I so over-the-top about Trump? Have I gone loopy? No, but for 28 years, almost half my life, I’ve been waiting for a president to run a campaign like he did and then fulfill all his promises.

Trump exceeded my expectations.

And that’s why I am so thankful for all this bigger-than-life character has achieved in his first year – against all odds.

He’s a one-man wrecking crew for the Deep State, for unconstitutional government, for conventional wisdom, for the status quo and for going-along-to-get-along. And I like it.

When someone like Trump leaves his comfortable existence of wealth and comfort to enter public life with the intent of slaying dragons, I say he needs and deserves encouragement.

If you have a better idea than the campaign, let me know. I will join your effort. But, if you don’t, then go there now and tell all your friends about it.

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